400: Hiatus

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Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2023 16:20:31 +0000

<p>Marie and I jump on the show to tell y'all we're taking a little break! It feels like years since we've been eluding to the fact that we're working on a new major upgrade to CodePen. Rather than keep dancing around it, we're going to minimize or remove working on anything that isn't working on that. We can't wait to come back for episode 401 and tell you all about it.</p> <h3 id="h-time-jumps">Time Jumps</h3> <h3 id="h-sponsor-split">Sponsor: <a href="https://srv.buysellads.com/ads/long/x/T6AEYRIDTTTTTT3JLRYNCTTTTTTC2BIOKKTTTTTTO4OFKYYTTTTTTWIUVJJFLLIGZQCME7DP5QEN427UVABC47D45MYE">Split</a></h3> <p>This podcast is powered by <a href="https://srv.buysellads.com/ads/long/x/T6AEYRIDTTTTTT3JLRYNCTTTTTTC2BIOKKTTTTTTO4OFKYYTTTTTTWIUVJJFLLIGZQCME7DP5QEN427UVABC47D45MYE">Split</a>. The Feature Management &amp; Experimentation Platform that reimagines software delivery. By attaching insightful data to feature flags, Split frees you to quickly deploy, measure, and learn the impact of every feature you release. So you can safely deliver features up to 50 times faster and exhale. What a Release.</p> <p>Start raising feature flags (and lowering stress). Visit <a href="https://srv.buysellads.com/ads/long/x/T6AEYRIDTTTTTT3JLRYNCTTTTTTC2BIOKKTTTTTTO4OFKYYTTTTTTWIUVJJFLLIGZQCME7DP5QEN427UVABC47D45MYE">Split.io/CodePen</a> for a free trial.</p>