Command Line Heroes

All Together Now

Invisible Intruders

Ruthless Ransomers

Menace in the Middle

Dawn of the Botnets

Lurking Logic Bombs

Terrifying Trojans

Relentless Replicants

Command Line Heroes Season 9: The Horrors of Malware

Robot as Vehicle

Robot as Threat

Humans as Robot Caretakers

Robot as Body

From Compiler: Do We Want A World Without Technical Debt?

Robot as Humanoid

Robot as Maker

Robot as Software

Robot as Servant

Command Line Heroes Season 8: Broadcasting the Robot Revolution

After the Bubble

The World of the World Wide Web

Looking for Search

Shopping for the Web

Web UX Begins

A Language for the Web

From NSF to ISP

Connecting the Dot-Com

Command Line Heroes Season 7: Internet Class of '95

Arlan Hamilton: The Investor Who's Opening Doors

Gladys Perkins: The Pioneer Who Took Us To New Heights

Roy Clay: The Entrepreneur Who Transformed an Industry

Dr. Clarence Ellis: The Developer Who Helped Us Collaborate

Dr. Marc Hannah: The Computer Scientist Who Brought Worlds to Life

Mark Dean: The Inventor Who Made the Computer Personal

Dr. Gladys West: The Mathematician Who Reshaped Our World

Jerry Lawson: The Engineer Who Changed the Game

Command Line Heroes: Meet the Inventors

What Kind Of Coder Will You Become?

Where Coders Code

Becoming a Coder

Introducing Season 5 of Command Line Heroes

One More Thing with Steve Wozniak

Consoles: The Dreamcast's Life After Death

Open Source Hardware: Makers Unite

Smarter Phones: Journey to the Palm-Sized Computer

Floppies: The Disks that Changed the World

Personal Computers: The Altair 8800 and the Dawn of a Revolution

Mainframes: The GE 225 and the Birth of BASIC

Minicomputers: The Soul of an Old Machine

Introducing Season 4 of Command Line Heroes

The C Change

Talking to Machines: LISP and the Origins of A.I.

Heroes in a Bash Shell

The Infrastructure Effect: COBOL and Go

Diving for Perl

Creating JavaScript

Learning the BASICs

Python’s Tale

Introducing Season 3 of Command Line Heroes

Open Curiosity: NASA, Mars, and Beyond

Bonus: Developer Advocacy Roundtable

At Your Serverless: Development Empowerment with Control

The Data Explosion: Processing, Storage, and the Cloud

The One About DevSecOps: Evolving Security and Reliability

Fail Better: Embracing Failure

Ready to Commit: Contributing to Open Source

Hello, World: Programming Languages for the Polyglot Developer

Press Start: How Gaming Shapes Development

Introducing Season 2 of Command Line Heroes

Days of Future_Open

Crack the Cloud_Open

The Containers_Derby

DevOps_Tear Down That Wall

The Agile_Revolution

OS Wars_part 2: Rise of Linux

OS Wars_part 1