Mark Dean: The Inventor Who Made the Computer Personal

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Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2020 05:30:00 +0000

<p><a href="">Dr. Mark Dean</a> has a superpower. He wasn’t born with it. He wasn’t exposed to high levels of radiation. It’s a power he learned from his father. And because of it, he was able to revolutionize the personal computer. <br /><br />David Bradley explains how in the 1980s, IBM had a reputation for building big, enterprise mainframes. No one believed IBM could make a competitive PC. But that’s exactly what “Project Chess” was tasked with creating. <a href="">Tony Hey</a> describes the monumental shift in strategy it was for IBM to enter the PC market. Pete Martinez and Dennis Moeller recount their days working with Mark on the skunkworks project. And how IBM's strategy for creating a computer in under a year changed the personal computing industry forever—opening it to innovators outside the walls of IBM. <br /><br />Mark Dean holds 3 of the 9 patents for the IBM 5150—the first IBM PC—including the revolutionary ISA bus. He then went on to lead the team that created the first gigahertz microprocessor, and eventually taught at the University of Tennessee. Mwamba Bowa shares her most cherished lesson from the inventor—how to cultivate that super power for herself. </p><p>Clips of Mark Dean courtesy of Susan "Suze" Shaner, Principal of <a href="">Sage Leadership Strategies</a>, from a Comcast Cable interview, November 2009, and from the <a href="">American Museum of Science & Energy</a> featured talk, August 2019.<br /><br />If you want to read up on some of our research on Dr. Mark Dean, you can check out all our bonus material over at <a href=""></a>. <br /><br />Follow along with <a href="">the episode transcript</a>.</p>