Ready to Commit: Contributing to Open Source

Command Line Heroes

Episode | Podcast

Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2018 07:02:00 +0000

<p>Looking to get into open source but not sure where to start? Are you a contributor trying to understand why only some pull requests get accepted? Or are you a maintainer who’s feeling overwhelmed?</p> <p>This episode looks at what it means to commit to an open source project. We follow our heroes as they progress through the roles of open source contributors: from finding projects and contributing to them, to building and maintaining thriving communities. Shannon Crabill shares how she got her start in open source at Hacktoberfest 2017, and Corinne Warnshuis describes how important it is to include people from all backgrounds to create good software. There are many ways to contribute to open source. Let’s walk through this together.</p> <p>For more about the characters, history, and stories of this episode, visit <a href=""></a>. While there, check out how you can contribute to hero-engine and Command Line Heroes: The Game — all levels welcome.</p>