S9:E8 - How to Introduce Coding to Your Kids

S9:E7 - How Technology is Used as a Tool for Abuse/Coercive Control

S9:E6 - The Evolution of SQL and How it Managed to Last Through Time

S9:E5 - Getting Your Conference Talk Proposal Accepted

S9:E4 - Getting Along with Your Co-workers... All of Them

S9:E3 - What Is The Most Fun We’ve Ever Had Coding

S9:E2 - A Journey in Real-World Problem Solving with Regex

S9:E1 - Using Design Patterns To Improve How You Architect Web Apps

S8:E8 - Take a Look Inside Forem’s Product and Engineering

S8:E7 - All Hail jQuery (Or Not)

S8:E6 - How Physical Pen-Testing Will Expand Your Developer Mind

S8:E5 - How to Manage Engineering Management

S8:E4 - How You Can Be Successful Breaking Into Tech Mid-Career

S8:E3 - The Importance of Video Game Archival, Preservation, and Curation

S8:E2 - You Too Can Create Beautiful Data-Driven Essays Like The Pudding

S8:E1 - The Many Benefits of Learning in Public

S7:E8 - How Cybersecurity Needs To Evolve and How To Get Into It

S7:E7 - We Have Tools To Help You With Your Imposter Syndrome

S7:E6 - What a Quantitative Trader Can Teach You About A/B Testing and Beyond

S7:E5 - How To Be a Successful Whistleblower

S7:E4 - Should we all be thinking about design justice?

S7:E3 - Getting a Read on Tech Publishing

S7:E2 - The Story of Vue with Evan You

S7:E1 - Deeply Human Stories in Software with The Changelog

S6:E8 - Ruby and Rails: From Features to Governance

S6:E7 - Looking at Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs

S6:E6 - VS Code and the Extended VS Code Universe

S6:E5 - When You Should Start Thinking About Performance

S6:E4 - How Will Proof Engineering Affect the Future of Software Development

S6:E3 - What Makes Ethical Design in Your Product and Your Company

S6:E2 - Lambda, Fargate, EC2, Oh My! An AWS Deep Dive

S6:E1 - Engineering: The Human Component

S5:E8 - Diving Deep Into DevRel

S5:E7 - The History of the Cloud

S5:E6 - Home Automation Nerd-Out!

S5:E5 - Hardware Hacking for Everyone

S5:E4 - Have You Ever Wanted To Create Your Own Language?

S5:E3 - The Future of Automation

S5:E2 - Netlify, Jamstack, and Modern Web Development

S5:E1 - Revealing the Forem 2021 Product Roadmap

S4:E8 - We Role Play What Good Soft Skills Look Like

S4:E7 - What You Need to Know About Accessibility

S3:E6 - We Bust Some Myths About Linux

S4:E5 - Online Abuse and the Future of Anti-Harassment Tooling

S4:E4 - How to Combine Music and Code

S4:E3 - Code Splitting and the Long List of Things You Need to Know About Writing JavaScript

S4:E2 - A Critical Look At Distributed Conferences

S4:E1 - This Is How You Have Effective Meetings

S3:E8 - The New Normal for Developers with Scott Hanselman

S3:E7 - What Makes a Good Designer?

S3:E6 - How to Gamify Coding

S3:E5 - Improving Your Onboarding For Early Career Devs

S3:E4 - Explaining Code Through Analogies and Visualizations

S3:E3 - Is Vim Worth Your Time?

S3:E2 - Demystifying Architecture

S3:E1 - Developing in Minecraft and Roblox

S2:E8 - What You Need to Know About Site Reliability

S2:E7 - Serverless and the Cloud 101

S2:E6 - How to be an Entrepreneur

S2:E5 - How to Harness Radical Candor in Code Reviews

S2:E4 - What Are Our Ethical Responsibilities as Developers?

S2:E3 - The History of IRC and the Evolution of Community Tools

S2:E2 - You Can Do That With CSS?

S2:E1 - How to Build Good Habits and be More Productive

S1:E9 - How to Develop for Neurodiversity and Universal Design

S1:E8 - Our Least Favorite Things About Our Favorite Languages

S1:E7 - Voices From DEV Pride

S1:E6 - Little-Known Productivity Tools; Big Productivity Gains

S1:E5 - How Hobbies Like Powerlifting, Auto Repair, and Music Can Make You a Better Developer

S1:E4 - Should Ruby Still Be a Thing in 2020

S1:E3 - Unpopular Opinions in Software Development

S1:E2 - How to Make Remote Work, Work

S1:E1 - Why Tech's Deadnaming Problem Matters