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Who owns our code? Part 2

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To TDD or not to TDD

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Who owns our code?

Hacking with Go: Part 2

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SIV and the V2+ issue

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Go Battlesnake Go!

Building for Ethereum in Go

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Event-driven systems

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Building startups with Go


The ultimate guide to crafting your GopherCon proposal

Trials and tribulations of testing in Go

Releasing with (and without) GoReleaser

Design philosophy


Talkin' 'bout code generation

Go at Clever

Indecent (language) Proposals: Part 2

The art of reading the docs

Indecent (language) Proposals: Part 1

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CUE: Configuration superpowers for everyone

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How Go helped save HealthCare.gov

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The latest on Generics

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Your first week with Go

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Go in production at Pace.dev

We have regrets


Reflection and meta programming

The trouble with databases

On community and safety

Challenges of distributed messaging systems

Black Hat Go

Immediate mode GUIs

WebRTC in Go

The monolith vs microservices debate

Organizing for the community

Enterprise Go?


The Zen of Go

It is Go Time!

Pow! Pow! Power tools!

On the verge of new AI possibilities

Stop the presses

Quack like a wha-?

Telemetry and the art of measuring what matters

Unusual uses for Go: GUIs

Grokking Go.dev

Cloudy with a chance of Kelsey Hightower

Go at Heroku

Go at Cloudflare

defer GoTime()

Bugs are in the air

The fireside edition 🔥

Concurrency, parallelism, and async design

Graph databases

Compilers and interpreters

Code editors and language servers

Kubernetes and Cloud Native

Building search tools in Go

All about caching

On application design

Security for Gophers

Creating the Go programming language

Hiring and nurturing junior developers

Generics in Go

LIVE from Gophercon UK

Serverless and Go

The infrastructure effect: COBOL and Go

The importance of representation

Structuring your Go apps

If you've never been to GopherCon...

Go is eating the world of software

Web development in Go

if err != nil

Go tooling

The art of execution

Go 💚 open source

Functional programming?

Go modules and the Athens project

Go for beginners

Hardware hacking with TinyGo and Gopherbot

It's time to talk about testing

Hiring and job interviews

All about APIs!

Go 2 and the future of Go

New Go branding strategy

Hacking drones with Go

BONUS – Go and WebAssembly (Wasm)

Dependencies and the future of Go

Building a distributed index with Go

GoLand IDE and managing Gopher Slack

Gophercises and creating content for Gophers

CockroachDB and distributed databases in Go

Learning and teaching Go

Go is for everyone

From Russia with love

Golang Flow, FaaS, and Buffalo

SPECIAL — Ask us anything! (pt. 2)

Supporting the Go community

Performance, fuzzing & magic

GopherCon Brazil & Genetics

InfluxDB & IoT Data

Changelog Takeover — K8s and Virtual Kubelet

Building Blocks

Loggregator, gRPC, Diodes

Why WADL When You Can Swagger?

Improved Improved Improved (i3)

Full-time Open Source

Presenting a Pragmatic Perspective

Container Security and Demystifying Complexity

Dep, Cross-platform, and Getting Started

Go at Walmart (and Scale)

GopherCon 2017: A Retrospective

All About The Go Compiler

Infosec research and app security

Bringing Kubernetes to Azure

Adventures in VS Code

Restic and backups (done right)

Docker, Moby, Containers

Periph.io, Drivers, Hardware

SPECIAL — Ask Us Anything!

Go4 and Contributing to Go

Getting Better, Mentoring, Drawing Gophers

Race detection, firmware, production-grade Go

Distributed Messaging and Network Clients

Game Development and Rebuilding Microservices

Splice, Audio, Compassion

Go Developer Survey

Gobot, Hardware, Gatekeeping

Dependency Management, Semver, Community Consensus

Honeycomb, Complex Systems, Saving Sanity

Pachyderm, Provenance, Data Lakes

Gopherize.me, GitHub Stars, BitBar

Hellogopher, whosthere?

Go, Jocko, Kafka

Discussing Imposter Syndrome

Go and Buffalo Live from Dunkin' Donuts

Creating a programming language

The Go Compiler and Go 1.8

Teaching and Learning Go

Go Kit, Dependency Management, Microservices

Juju, Jujucharms, Gorram

Open Sourcing Chain's Developer Platform

Go work groups and hardware projects

Building a startup on Go

Kubernetes, Containers, Go

Programming Practices, Exercism, Open Source

Go in 5 Minutes & design patterns

Monorepos, Mentoring, Testing

SOLID Go Design

The Go Standard Library

Matt Holt on CaddyServer, the ACME Protocol, TLS

Francesc Campoy on GopherCon and understanding nil

Beyang Liu on Go at Sourcegraph and Writing Better Code

Jessie Frazelle on Maintaining Open Source, Docker, dotfiles

State of Go Survey and Go at Heroku

Scott Mansfield on Go at Netflix

Asim Aslam on Micro, the Go Microservice Toolkit

Raphaël Simon on goa, the Framework for Building Microservices

Bill Kennedy on Mechanical Sympathy

Sarah Adams on Test2Doc and Women Who Go

Go and Data Science

Early Go Adoption

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