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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 17:39:42 +0000

<p>What does it take to support Kubernetes for other users? <a href="">Kenneth Massada</a>, a lead for GKE support at Google Cloud, tells <a href="">Craig and Adam</a> his story.</p> <p>Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know:</p> <ul> <li>web: <a href=""></a></li> <li>mail: <a href=""></a></li> <li>twitter: <a href="">@kubernetespod</a></li> </ul> <h3 id="chatter">Chatter</h3> <ul> <li><a href=""> Adam lives in Seattle, which is on fire</a></li> <li><a href="">Craig baked some tasty cookies</a> <ul> <li><a href=""> Using this recipe</a></li> <li>But not using <a href="">Vegemite</a>, <a href="">British Marmite</a> or <a href="">New Zealand Marmite</a>, which are three totally separate things. Only one of which is nice. <ul> <li><em>Hint: it’s the last one</em></li> </ul> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> <h3 id="news-of-the-week">News of the week</h3> <ul> <li><a href=""> 2018 Kubernetes Steering Committee Elections</a></li> <li><a href=""> Binary Authorization on Google Kubernetes Engine</a></li> <li><a href="">kube-hunter</a> from Aqua Security <ul> <li><a href="">Video</a></li> <li><a href=""> Blog</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a href=""> Kubernetes issues and solutions</a> from Alexander Lukyanchenko at Avito</li> <li><a href="">Cilium 1.2 released</a> <ul> <li><a href="">Accelerating Envoy with the Linux Kernel</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a href="">James Lee’s blogs on Kubernetes networking</a></li> <li><a href=""> Amazon EKS supports GPU-Enabled EC2 instances</a></li> </ul> <h3 id="links-from-the-interview">Links from the interview</h3> <ul> <li>etcd is hard: <ul> <li><a href="">Configuration flags</a></li> <li><a href="">OpenAI suggestions on scaling Kubernetes to 2,500 nodes</a> includes a separate events database</li> <li><a href=""> Kubernetes docs on configuring and upgrading etcd</a></li> <li><a href="">Tina and Fred from Google SRE also discussed etcd on Episode 9</a></li> <li>(Or <a href="">use GKE</a>, where we do it all for you)</li> </ul> </li> <li>Other hard concepts: <ul> <li><a href=""> apiVersion:</a> is hard</li> <li><a href=""> spec:</a> is hard</li> <li><a href=""> Liveliness and readiness probes</a> - don’t make them the same!</li> <li><a href="">Joe Beda thinks of YAML as machine code in Episode 12</a></li> </ul> </li> <li>What would Ken like to see changed in Kubernetes? <ul> <li><a href=""> Affinity and anti-affinity rules</a> and topology keys</li> </ul> </li> <li><a href="">Kenneth Massada on Twitter</a> <ul> <li><a href="">Or summon him with a GCP support case!</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul>