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Episode 57: The Steam Deck Changed Us Forever

Tech For Everyone #1: Linus Dropped My Name

Episode 56: Nicco Loves KDE

Episode 55: Mycroft AI Interview, M1 Macs and More!

Episode 54: An Invasion of Privacy

Episode 53: Aaron Honeycutt of System76

Episode 52: Valve Finally Counts To 3!

Episode 51: A Pulse, a Powershell, and a Probe

Episode 50: Ask Jason Anything (2021 Edition)

Linux + Coffee #5: elementary OS + Valve's SteamPal

Episode 49: Virtual Desktops Everywhere with Shells

Episode 48: Bash and Orchid Creator Brian Fox

Episode 47: Jeremy Soller of System76 (Part 2)

Episode 46: Jeremy Soller of System76 (Part 1)

New Weekly Episodes + New Website!

Episode 45: Shaking off the dust

Don't Waste 30 Years Like I Did

Episode 44: The PRO1-X Is The Linux Phone I've Waited For

Linux + Coffee #4: Tribalism and Toxicity

Episode 43: Course Correction

Episode 42: So Long, and Thanks for All the Games

Episode 41: The Linux Laptop Problem

Linux + Coffee #3: The CloudReady Chromebook Experiment

Episode 40: The Thunderbird Interview (featuring Ryan Sipes)

Episode 39: Quality Control / Life After Lightworks

Episode 38: I've Made A Huge Mistake

Episode 37: Legionnaire

Update on Linux For Everyone & Jason's Illness

Episode 36: First Class Linux

Episode 35: The Ecosystem Problem

Linux + Coffee, Cup 2: The Super Key

Episode 34: The Fedora + Lenovo Interview

Linux + Coffee, Cup #1: Picking on Pop

Episode 33: Professional Hobbyist

Episode 32: Engineering Happiness

Episode 31: Control

Episode 30: The One with Popey and the Tough Questions

Episode 29: Schyken Nuggets of Wisdom

Episode 28: I Make FOSS + The Dual-Booter's Rant

Episode 27: Mental Doodles and Lost Thoughts

Episode 26: Lana Tries Linux - Ubuntu Edition

Episode 25: Helping Hands (with Ubuntu Budgie's Dustin Krysak)

Episode 24: Code of Conduct / Hardware Addicts Interview

Episode 23: The Manjaro Linux Laptop Explosion (featuring Philip Müller)

Episode 22: The Twelve Months of Linux Discoveries (Part 2)

Episode 21: The Twelve Months of Linux Discoveries (Part 1)

Episode 20: The elementary OS & MacBook Pro Trials

Episode 19: The One Where Lana Tried Linux

Episode 18: The System76 Superfan Special

Episode 17: Ask Jason Anything - A Community Q&A Special

Episode 16: Peppermint OS & The Forever Distro

Episode 15: A Conversation with Chris Titus Tech

Episode 14: Ubuntu Upgrades and Unusual Underdogs

Episode 13: The Linux Mint Gaming Report

Episode 12: Flagship Linux Hardware

Episode 11: Episode 11: Zorin OS and the Future of Desktop Linux

Episode 10: Embrace, Extend, Trust? The Microsoft Interview

Episode 9: Fine Wine - The Codeweavers Interview

Episode 8: Purism's Librem 5 and the Alternative Mobile OS

Episode 7: The elementary OS Interview

Episode 6: Paid Distros and Linux Laptops

Episode 5: Developer Edition with Dell's Barton George

Episode 4 BONUS: DasGeek Interview Lightning Round!

Episode 4: One Year With Steam Proton

Episode 3: Go Make Stuff

Episode 2: Swing The Doors Wide Open

Episode 1: One Year With Linux

Episode 0: Welcome /home