327: Ugly at Scale

326: Sky Writing

325: Air Cutz

324: This Is PHPine

323: Bad Robot

322: PHPlumbers of the Future

321: All In The PHPamily

320: PHP and Taxes

319: Server Racks and Cats

318:PHP Bug Hunt

317: Certified PHP Ugly

316:PHP Below Freezing

315: Whiny PHP Babies

314: PHP 8.2 Release Party

313: PHP 7 Retirement Party

311: The Book of PHPUgly

310: PHP On The Range

309: Punch ourselves in the face

308: Foreign Horse Constraints

307: Code my homework dad

306:PHPUgly // Do Not Turn Off

305:PHPUgly Gambit

304: Sober September Gets Ugly

303:Naughty Strings

302: Getting Ugly with Foreign Keys

301: Moved Permanently

300:PHP{Tek] Homecoming

299:No Composer For Old Men

298: Hire Tom

297:PHP Lovewire

296 Cheating with PHP

295:PHP Live Studio Audience

294: Packing Pachyderms

293:PHP Biscuits

292:Laravel is a Wrapper for PHP

291: Artificial Stupidity

290: PHP Lambos and Lambdas

289: PHP Multiverse

288: Burnt Pi's

287: PHP Doesn't Scale

286: Complete System Failure

285:The Three PHP Amigos

284: To PHP or Not To PHP

283: An Ugly PHP Match

282: Crotch sign language

281: Coding On Opening Day

280: VPN to My Heart

279: PHP Bad Magic

278: Time flies when talking DST

277: PHP, Baseball, Cars, and Grifters

276: Semi-Successful

275: Rubber Necking PHP

274: Testing Patience

273: John Flying High

272: Tom's PHP Reflection

271: PHPUgly Dropping Tables

270: I'm a better thinker

269: No Benefits, All the Regret

268: Schrödinger's flamingo 🦩

267: 2021 is a Wrap

266:PHP For Kids

265: PHP Cows

264: Insane In the Jetbrain

263:PHP Will Last


261:Bots Learning PHP


259: Disabled Child Nodes

258: PHP Catastrophe

257: Involuntary Open Source

256:PHP Head Colds

255:Critical Care

254:Testing Patience

253:Extra! Extra! Listen All About It!

252: Nerdcation

251: Reviewing My Style

250: Slightly Mean Spirited

249:PHP on Mars?

248: PHP Deviants

247:Just Google ..... oh no don't, I was wrong

246:Spilled Beans

245: Exposing Secrets

244: No Structure

243: Project Managementality

242:Consuming APIs ... Correctly

241: Livewire Live Tonight

240: Old Man Coder

239: I'm a PHP Uggo

238: No Trello Cards, No Problem. WE DO IT LIVE!

237:The Case Of Cyclomatic Complexity

236:Memory Leaks

235:Ugly Hot Tub PHP Coding

234:Tom Finally Quit

233:Chasing PHP Waterfalls

232:PHP Animal Style

231: Super Villains

230:PHP'ing in a Bottle

Special PHP Discussion Panel

229: No Perceived Value

228:Octane Infused

227:Math Is Hard

226: HELP WANTED, PHP Release Manager

225:Tatted Up

224:The UUID Life

223:I am Human

222:PHP Security Tools

221:The PHP Big Short

220:PHP and Baby Goats

219:Programming Pears

218:Viva PHP 2021

217: Our Guess is as Good as Yours

216:Sailing with Laravel

215:PHP 8 Release

214:Positive Vibes

213:They Stole Steve

212:PHP 8 Deep Dive

211:I Forgot The Title

210:The PHPUgly Anthem

209:Lick Me

208:Match clashing

207:Carbon Time

206:Popping Off

205:Laravel Release Party

204:New Stream

203:Laracon 2020 Review

202:Toothpaste Patching

201:Champion Level


199:Under Cutting the Competition

198:Smooth Jazz Edition

197:Homework Assignment

196:Late Arrival

195:A New Branch Of Life

194: Oversight

193:John’s Arrest

192:Executive Order

191:Scratch Coding

190: Consistently wrong

189:Corrective Actions

188:Banning John

187:Business of Open Source

186:Stealing Signs

185: Opinions on tap

184:Social Distancing

183: LexCorp

182:Remote Working 🏡

181:Heavily Medicated 💊

180: Hardware BUGS 🐛

179: Just Don't Close The Browser


177: Grasping for Relevance

176: Totally Classless

175: Compulsory Coding

174: Night of Arrays

173: 2020 Vision




169: Three Grumpy Men

168: Tweet-Decked

167:We hit the fan

166: Hidden Talent

165: Coder Combat

164: Heavy Dealings

163:Deep Faking It

162:Mic Check 1-2-3

161: Hardcore PHP

160: VaporHERE

159: A LaraCon State Of Mind

158: Lazy Devils

157: Technically Difficult

156: Under Scored

155: Can't Stand It

154: Great Chemestry

153: Atlanta Nights

152: A Short Controversy

151: The Birthday Boy

150: The Ugly Cinematic Universe

149: The Grind

148: Rideout into the sunset

147: Unlicensed Software

146: #!@k Batman

145:Breakfast with a Listener

144: Popular with the teens

143:Coding Pajama Party

142: Uninstall This Show

141: Rough Draft

140: A Valentines Disaster

139: Tom rants, Eric crashes, John gives up

138: The Case of the Tainted Phar

137:Guess who is coming to dinner

136: Medically Unfit

135: Visual Gags

134: Third Times a Charm

133:We'll Do It Live!

132: The C word

131: Keeping abreast

130: Mission Implausible

129: John "Big Spoon" Congdon

128:The Set Up

127:Extortion Development

126: Dinner with the Mayor

125: The Patreon Garage Sale

124: Eric Free Radio

123: Serious as a Heart Attack

122: Waving goodbye to #WavePHP18

121: You know nothing John Congdon

120: Hype Driven Development

119:Licenses To Code

118: The Comment Section

117: Tom's Agenda


115:The Con Game

114: 3D Printed Puns

113: Excessive Frequency

112: Episode 1,120

111: A Failed Transaction

110: Tom is always wrong

109: John Hacks North Korea

108:This is American - Privacy Edition

107: Drugs, Tattoos, and Coding (aka PHP: Pot Head Programming)


105:Exposed Source

104: We lose our free will

103: The Longhorn Peace Summit

102: We address Congress

101: Class is in $_SESSION

100:PHP Xing

99:Revert This Show

98: Ethical Dilemmas

97: Our Moral Failings

96: Our Hero Marcus

95: I/O Errors

94: A plea for help

93: Baby monitor monitors

92: We Give Consent

91: We push the wrong button

90: We melt down

89: We Drop The Ball

88: Holi-delay

87: We Forget John

86: Making things up

85: Masters of our Domains

84: Loot Crate Edition

83: Self Titled

82: Home Invaders

81: The Date-aversery

80: We jump the shark

79: Drink and Catch Fire

78:An Avocado Nightmare

77: The Pirate Way


75: The Elephpant In The Room

74:$.10 Beer Night

73: Mismanaged Funds

72: A Wave of Confusion

71: The weekly postmortem

70: The Triumphant Return

69:Eric Gets Fired

68: Trunk Based Outrage

67: Block (chain) Heads

66: Execute Order 66

65: Cape and Cowl

64: Bad Apples

63:The Popular Guys

62:PHP Round Ugly Hall

61:WannaCry Babies

60: Mothers Delay

59: Bert and Ernie (and Tom)

58:Lock Down

57:';DROP TABLE podcasts

56:Johnny Apple Seed(er)

55:Sex, Lies, and Coding

54:Tractor Hacking

53:Hot Pocket

52:Year One

51:We Are Trending

50:Resistance Is Futile

49: Who's watching who

48:Melt Down


46:Canada Calls

45:Sockets Edition


43:Facial Hair

42:Jackie Robinson Episode

41:The Boys

40:Fractal Edition

39:One More Second

38:The Turkey Episode

37:Cold Feet Episode

36:Election Edition

35:Embrace Me

34:Lorem Ipsum Podcast

33:Hacktoberfest Countdown

32:PHP For Slackers

31:Bedtime for Tom

30:Toms Green Thumb

29:Merlin Magical Sleep Sack

28:Evan Almighty

27:Rocky Mountain High

26:Difficult People

25:Baby Talk

24:The Value of Work

23: Government Funded

22:International Edition

21:Fueled by Kentucky Bourbon

20:Man Down!

19:Use A Password Manager

18:What Time Is It?

17:Trademark This

16:Protected, Private, and Final

15:Coder Boner

14:Betty from HR

13:The Shape of Round

12:Don't Be A Hero

11:The Joel Test

10:Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

9:Talking About Nothing

8:Tools of the Trade

7:The Money Train

6:Dear John

5:Composer Gold

4:Texas Hold'em

3:Dead Air

2:Whats my name

1:The cost of good code