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UDP hole punching

Software engineering and Nursery rhymes

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The software engineer mental health

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Detailed analysis on the Amazon US-EAST-1 Outage | The Backend Engineering Show

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Microsoft Paid them $20k for finding one of a kind XSS bug in Edge

B-tree vs B+ tree in Database Systems

Let’s discuss the DarkRadiation ☢️ Ransomware

My thoughts on the ALPACA Attack (Detailed analysis)

Facebook Awarded him $30,000 for Finding a Critical Instagram Bug

Zero-downtime restarts

My thoughts on the CAP theorem

Fastly's Outage Took Down Amazon, Reddit, Stack Overflow and many other websites (Early reports)

The Backend of this Fintech Exposed Users' Personal Information - The Klarna Leak (Full Report)

13 TB of Dominos Pizza India customers’ data leaked and put on the Dark Web

QUIC is FINALLY a Standard. RIP TCP?

why it is very hard to cancel an HTTP request

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If you are using Let’s Encrypt Watch out for this

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Technical Discussion on VPNs - How VPNs Work, their benefits, and What happens when VPNs are Hacked

Let us discuss the Linux Kernel community and University of Minnesota situation

Auth0 Outage (Early report)

North Korean Hackers Hide Malicious Code within BMP image, Goes Undetected by AntiVirus software

These New WhatsApp Vulnerabilities Can Leak Images, Voice Notes, and Chat by Opening an HTML message

A Look into Modern Leaky Abstractions - Postgres, MySQL, HTTP/2, TCP, ORMs GraphQL, N+1, Axios, git

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DNS issue impacting multiple Microsoft services on April’s fool day (with Bonus content)

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cURL TLS 1.3 session ticket proxy host mixup Vulnerability

PHP’s Source Code hacked - Two Remote Code execution added to the Git server, let us discuss

What happens when your Web Server Private Key is Leaked?

Researcher bypasses Azure, and Cloudflare Reverse Proxy Security - HTTP/2 Smuggling (h2c)

High severity flaw can crash your WebServer when using OpenSSL - Let us discuss

When is NodeJS Single Threaded and when is it multi-Threaded?

Slack's Migrating Millions of Websockets from HAProxy to Envoy, let's discuss

Why WebSockets over HTTP/2 (RFC8441) is Critical for Effective Load Balancing and Backend Scaling

How HTTP Compression Leaks Sessions and JWT - CRIME Explained and how HPACK in HTTP/2 fixes this

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Fire Destroys Datacenter in France, Let us discuss the OVHcloud Fire

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S3 compliant MinIO Suffers an Server Side Request Forgery vulnerability, lets discuss

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3 New Ways to Crash your NodeJS Server, Update Node JS today! (Feb 2021 Security Update)

cURL creator Daniel Stenberg threatened - The entitlement towards OSS needs to STOP!

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He Hacked Into Apple and Microsoft with this genius trick

CQRS is probably the cause of the Microservices madness

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UUIDs are Bad for Performance in MySQL - Does Postgres Win? Let us Discuss

They Freed up 70GB of Unused Indexes Space on Postgres, How did they Do it?

How do I learn new tech as a software engineer

Overview of InterPlanetary File System - IPFS with (Examples with Command line & Brave Browser)

This Certificate Authority is being banned from Google

Is SELECT * Expensive?

This YouTube Backend API Leaks Private Videos - Research rewarded $5000

He found a way to Hijack Private Google Docs Screenshots with a clever hack - Google paid him $4000

Brave is Decentralized - Users can Consume and HOST IPFS Decentralized Web Content through Brave

RIP FTP - Chrome depreciates FTP for good

The 2021 Slack Outage (Detailed analysis)

HAProxy is closer to QUIC and HTTP/3 Support - Let’s discuss HAProxy 2.3

Apache Kafka 2.7 is One Step Closer to Killing ZooKeeper

Is EventStoreDB the First Native gRPC Database?

Demonstrate your Skills as Backend Engineer To Recruiters - Building a Full Backend Portfolio

WhatsApp’s Ultimatum, What can They see and What are They Collecting (In Details)

Have a Node JS Server? Update it Now!

The Slack Outage (Early Report & Speculations)

My Thoughts on How Clever the SolarWinds Hack Really Is

Got Bit by A Docker Default on my Postgres Container, Interesting Story, let us discuss!

2021's Exciting Backend Tech - Serverless, QUIC, Microservices, The Backend Engineering Show

My Process of Designing and Architecting Software

How to Overcome Procrastination

2020 Retrospective

The 2020 Google Outage (Detailed Analysis)

Indexing Woes, The Secret to Backend Interviews, What is on my Bookshelf? The Backend Engineering Show

Postgres Instances hacked and used to mine crypto - Let us discuss how is that possible

Did Google run out of disk space? - The Google Outage ( Early report )

Certificates Gone Bad! Certificate Revocation Techniques Explained (CRL, OCSP, OCSP Stapling)

Impostor syndrome and Staying Motivated - The Backend Engineering Show with Hussein Nasser - Q&A

Oblivious DoH (oDOH) Introduces a TLS Terminating Proxy with additional Layer of Encryption

Meet mySQL RAPID - distributed, in-memory, columnar, query processing engine by ORACLE

The Road to QUIC - what’s wrong w/ HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP Pipelining, CRIME, HTTP/2 HOL, HPACK - The Backend Engineering Show Live with Hussein Nasser #8

Will AWS Babelfish Succeed Moving Developers Away from SQL Server to Postgres?

We Need a Solution to NPM Trojans - post-install hell

A Detailed Analysis of The Amazon Kinesis Outage on US East-1 Region

AWS US East-1 Region Experienced Outages, What was the Cause? let us discuss!

Basic Caching Techniques Explained - Spatial, Temporal, Distributed, Write-Through, Write-Back, Cache Aside

Why Redis Became the Most Popular Database on the Cloud in 2020

Using GitHub Actions ? Be Aware of this High-Severity Injection Bug Found in GitHub Actions

DO NOT COMMIT .ENV Files! BotNet Harvesting Credentials and API Keys from Public .ENV files

Envoy Proxy Fixes Two Zero Day vulnerabilities (UDP Proxy, TCP Proxy)

Communication Protocols QA - The Backend Engineering Show Live with Hussein Nasser

SAD DNS - A Clever DNS Cache Poisoning Attack

Is this the end of WebSockets? - The New WebTransport Protocol

Is FireFox HTTPS only Mode The death of HSTS?

Denial of Service through DNS request Discovered in Node JS (CVE-2020-8277)

🔴 Facebook's is all about QUIC, MASQUE, RIP Kafka's Zookeeper, dotNET 5 and more! - Backend Engineering Show Live with Hussein Nasser

What is HTTP CONNECT? and Why MASQUE (Multiplexed Application Substrate over QUIC Encryption) is replacing it

HTTP/2 Push is Being Removed, let us discuss

Opening Old Wounds - Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)

GeoDNS, Active Active, MicroServices, Evil Garbage Collectors and More! Live with Hussein Nasser

Facebook Moves their Backend and Frontend to QUIC, it wasn’t smooth but they saw great results Let us discuss

Installing This Twilio Malware NPM Package Opens a Backdoor on Your Developer Machine

Chrome dedicated certificate root store is coming soon, what does that mean? let us discuss

Remotely access any TCP/UDP service bound to a victim machine - Let us discuss NAT Slipstreaming

TLS - Live Stream (by Hussein Nasser)

All About Database ACID

Should You Become a Full stack Engineer?

Uber’s new Backend Architecture for Processing Payments

Column vs Row Oriented Databases Explained

Moving from a Network Engineer to a Backend Engineer - Career Path Advice

Software Engineering is Overwhelming

WebSockets - Live Stream (By Hussein Nasser)

Database Partitioning Explained

Indexing in PostgreSQL vs MySQL

Discord Backend Architecture Discussion

PostgreSQL 13 Has Some Performance Boosts! Let us discuss it!

HTTP - Live Stream

Why Discord Moved from MongoDB to Apache Cassandra, Let us Discuss

We Need to Stop the Microservices Madness - Scaling with Common Sense

How did I get served an Instagram Ad by browsing a completely different website?

HTTPS and HTTP/3 negotiation is now Faster thanks to Cloudflare, RIP HSTS, Let us Discuss

Microsoft 365 Outage, What Happened and What Caused it? Let us discuss

When to Build a Stateless vs Stateful Back-ends using the right protocols (UDP, TCP, HTTP, QUIC, WebSockets)

Russia Follows in China’s footsteps and attempts to block TLS 1.3, ESNI, DoH & DoT, let us discuss

Casting Firefox to your TV, Roku or Game Console? Watch out for this major DANGEROUS bug!

GoogleBot Crawler Now Uses HTTP/2 to Index the Web, Let us discuss how this affects our Back-end?

How I Got "Slightly" Better at Communicating my Ideas Effectively as a Software Engineer

My Opinion on the “Stop Using React” Article

Best Practices Working with Billion-row Tables in Databases

Another Unsecured ElasticSearch Cluster Exposed with 900GB worth of private data, let us discuss

How I deal with Stress and being Overwhelmed during the Pandemic as a Software Engineer and a Content Creator

Unimog - Cloudflare’s edge load balancer has blown me away, let us discuss

WOW! h2c Smuggling is a serious flaw and very easy to execute, Let us discuss this

Kafka Consumer Group is a Brilliant Design Choice and We should Discuss it

Is there a Limit to Number TCP Connections a Backend can handle?

Doordash moves their Backend to Apache Kafka from RabbitMQ, VERY interesting! Let us discuss it!

Why Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation is Critical for HTTP/2 Backends

When to use UDP vs TCP in Building a Backend Application?

Your Backend Might not Be Ready for HTTP/2 - Watch This Before Implementing it

Envoy Proxy Crash Course, Architecture, L7 & L4 Proxying, HTTP/2, Enabling TLS 1.2/1.3 and more

I finished Researching Envoy Proxy here is what I think, Let us Discuss

Postgres Vacuum Explained

Cloudflare fixes a HUGE limitation in HTTP/2 implementation of NGINX - This should be ported to all proxies

A SameSite Cookie Exception was made to avoid Redirect Loop in Single Sign On (SSO) Let us Discuss

Inefficient Code in Chrome puts ENORMOUS load on DNS Roots Just for a pretty UX, let us discuss...

Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today and I am feeling nostalgic, let us discuss

REST API has a major limitation and Vulcain solves it, Let us discuss

Chrome is enabling RAW TCP AND UDP Connections! Let us discuss

Pessimistic concurrency control vs Optimistic concurrency control in Database Systems Explained

A Critical Jenkins Bug Discovered - This is why Building a Web Server is Hard

My Struggle with the English Language in the US as an Arab Native Speaker and a Software Engineer

What are Third Party Cookies, How do they work?

When Designing a Backend System Minimize the “What If” Questions

I ask this question to every Backend Engineer I interview

Is YAGNI (You aren’t gonna need it) Still Relevant in Backend Engineering System Design?

WOW! China Blocks TLS 1.3 with ESNI - Let us discuss

Let us discuss HSBC moving from 65 relational databases into one global MongoDB database

FireFox Changes to SameSite Cookie Default Behavior Following Chrome’s footsteps - Great Change

Chrome Blocks Downloads For Files Hosted on HTTP (insecure) URLs - GREAT CHANGE!

How Homomorphic Encryption will revolutionize Software Engineering

Dropbox migrates to Envoy from NginX - Let us discuss

Twitter hackers caught (Full analysis) - What really happened, how they got caught and can homomorphic encryption prevents this?

MariaDB vs MySQL SSD NVMe vs SATA Performance - Discussions on the Percona Benchmark

MongoDB and ElasticSearch Clusters WIPED! The Meow attack and how Backend Engineers can prevent it

I started Researching WebRTC and…..

Advice to Anyone starting a Software Engineering YouTube Channel

One Line of Code can open you for a MITM attack, Let us Discuss

WhatsApp handles 3 MILLION TCP Connections Per Server! How do they do it? Let us discuss

TLS 1.1 is Dead … Well Almost! thanks to Chrome 84- Deep Dive Analysis

Remote Code Execution bug found in Popular Node.js changelog library (I go through the code)

My Thoughts on the Massive VPN Leak of 1.2 TB User logs

The Cloudflare Outage - What Happened? And my Thoughts

My Thoughts on The Twitter “Hack”

Server-Sent Events Crash Course

HOW Would TikTok Be Blocked in US (Technical Explanations)

Have a Database User for each Express Route - Best Practices for Backend Application with Postgres


Discussing Layer 7 Reverse Proxy D=DOS Mitigation (Security Now Video by Steve Gibson )

Google Chrome and Firefox to Join Apple’s Safari in One Year Certificate Validity (My opinion)

What is TCP Fast Open and how can it speeds up Web Application

What is TCP Slow Start and how Does it affect your Web Application Performance?

Why you can’t run an unencrypted HTTP/2 Server on Port 80 - Protocol Ossification Explained

Why Turning on HTTP/2 Was a Mistake (My opinion on the lucidchart article)

What Recruiters really look for in a Backend Engineer? (Unpopular opinion)

Multicast DNS

Overengineering in Software

Can your ISP block you from Watching A Single YouTube Video?

What Caused Stripe and Ruku to stop working on May 30th 2020? Expired Root Certificate Bug Explained

MultiThreading and MultiProcessing over a Single TCP Connection, Good Idea?

How Does Database Store Tables on Disk? Explained both SSD & HDD

Understand Fundamentals not Tools (e.g. WebSockets vs, Javascript vs React, Python vs Django)

How to Spot Good Software Documentations from Really Bad one?

7 Tips To Optimize Your Backend API (Without Caching)

10 FrontEnd Performance Tips To Improve Your Application (Any Programming Language)

Agile vs Waterfall Software Development Methodology Explained

How WebSockets Work with HTTP/2 (RFC8441 Explained)

Machine Learning Occupancy Detection System being deployed in California

What is a Multitenancy Architecture and Why Is it becoming popular?

How Important are algorithm and data structures in backend engineering?

My Preferred Method of Learning Backend Engineering Technologies Fast

What is a Message Queue and When should you Queues?

RabbitMQ Channels, HTTP/2 Streams and How QUIC can fix the limitation Message Queues

Can QUIC Protocol be used as in Databases ? Web Application Database Pooling, head of line blocking and more

When should you shard your database?

Advice for Junior backend engineers who just started new jobs

Why System Design and Architecture is an Art ?

What makes a good Software Tester?

JSON Web Token

Main Difference between Asynchronous, Multithreading and Multiprocessing Programming

How End to End encryption work?

WhatsApp Limits Messages that can be Forwarded

Forward Proxy vs Reverse Proxy Explained

What is a Distributed Transaction in Microservices?

Chrome follows FireFox steps - Rolling back SameSite cookie change

Bloom Filters Explained

What is On Demand TLS?

Lazy Loading vs Eager Loading with Node JS & Express

The good the bad and the ugly on gRPC

This is why gRPC was invented

Firefox re-enables TLS 1.0 & TLS 1.1 to allow access to legacy websites hosting COVID19 information

Episode 141 - Software Chat - Copy and Paste Code, Tutorial Hell, Frontend Frameworks, GitHub Pull request Trolling and more

Episode 140 - Software Chat - Learning at Home, Consistent Hashing, Empathy with Engineers and More

Episode 139 - How to Become a Good Backend Engineer (Fundamentals)

Episode 138 - Firefox Implements DNS over HTTPS This is good but also might be bad

Episode 137 - Active-Active vs Active-Passive Cluster Pros and Cons

Episode 136 - Sidecar Proxy (Pros and Cons)

Episode 135 - mySQL 8.0 has a new feature called Atomic DDL and it is not what you think

Episode 134 - gRPC

Episode 133 - Firefox fixes a bug that prevented users from signing into the Royal Bank of Canada (73.1)

Episode 132 - Optional Chaining and nullish coalescing coming to Javascript, how useful are they and when can you use them?

Episode 131 - Firefox deprecates support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 ( THIS IS GREAT! BUT .... )

Episode 130 - Envoy fixes a critical security bug related to HTTP headers with whitespaces

Episode 129 - Node JS Releases a Fix for an HTTP Request Smuggling Vulnerability

Episode 128 - Google blocks Embedded browsers sign ins to avoid MITM phishing attacks

Episode 127 - PostgreSQL 12 has some interesting new features, Is it worth the upgrade?

Episode 126 - Will the New Chrome version 80 finally end Cross-Site Request forgery?

Episode 125 - Layer 4 vs Layer 7 Load Balancing

Episode 124 - NginX

Episode 123 - Horizontal vs Vertical Database Partitioning

Episode 122 - ARP

Episode 121 - What happens when you type into your browser address box and hit enter?

Episode 120 - What is Fail-over? Achieving High-Availability

Episode 119 - HAProxy

Episode 118 - SSL Stripping and HTTP Strict Transport Security

Episode 117 - Database Engines

Episode 116 - Database Sharding

Episode 115 - Varnish HTTP Accelerator

Episode 114 - HTTP/2

Episode 113 - Collateral Knowledge

Episode 112 - Tor (The Onion Router)

Episode 111 - Kafka

Episode 110 - Do you need a VPN?

Episode 109 - RabbitMQ

Episode 108 - Redis

Episode 107 - GraphQL Pros and Cons, examples and when to use over REST

Episode 106 - Consistency vs Eventual Consistency

Episode 105 - Relational Databases

Episode 104 - REST API - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Episode 103 - What is an HTTP Proxy? (Transparent, HTTP and Service Mesh Proxy examples)

Episode 102 - The Evolution of HTTP (HTTP 1.0, 1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3)

Episode 101 - NAT Network Address Translation

Episode 100 - TCP Tunneling

Episode 99 - TLS

Episode 98 - Encryption

Episode 97 - Bandwidth

Episode 96 - Denial of Service

Episode 95 - TCP vs UDP

Episode 94 - When to use GET vs POST?

Episode 93 - Microservices

Episode 92 - Attribute Rules

Episode 91 - Public IP vs. Private IP Address

Esri Dev Summit 2019

Episode 90 - You will be Judged

Episode 89 - Push vs Pull Notifications

Episode 88 - What was wrong with SOAP Protocol?

Episode 87 - Q&A - When to use Shape File vs Geodatabase?

Episode 86 - Recycling in ArcGIS Server

Episode 85 - No Excuses

Episode 84 - Layer vs Data Source

Episode 83 - Q&A: Programming for GIS

Episode 82 - Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Episode 81 - ArcGIS Server Talk - SOE vs SOI

Episode 80 - MIME Sniffing

2018 was a great year

Episode 79 - Availability vs Scalability

Episode 78 - Geodatabase Talk - Subtypes

Episode 77 - Authentication vs Authorization

Episode 76 - Database Locks

Episode 75 - Arcade - The ArcGIS Scripting Language

Episode 74 - Short vs Long Geodatabase Transactions

Episode 73 - Consistency

Episode 72 - The Evolution of the Feature Service

Episode 71 - Best Programming Language for 2019 (Rant)

Episode 70 - What is Back-end Development ?

Episode 69 - The Beauty of HTTP

Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 68 - Geodatabase Talk - ObjectID

Episode 67 - Pull, Push and the Long- Poll

Episode 66 - YouTube Audio and Video Streaming in the mobile app

Episode 65 - ArcGIS Server Talk - 6080

Episode 64 - ArcGIS Server Talk - When to use Sync vs async gp service?

Episode 63 - Geodatabase Talk - SDE Intercepts

Episode 62 - Load Balancer vs Reverse Proxy

Episode 61 - ArcGIS Server Talk - Max SOC Heap Size

Episode 60 - ArcGIS Server Talk - Database Schema Lock

Episode 59 - Geodatabase Talk - Split

Episode 58 - The Art of Software Troubleshooting

Episode 57 - ArcGIS Server Talk - ApplyEdits

Episode 56 - Geodatabase Talk - Undo edits through services

Episode 55 - When to Fix the bugs?

Episode 54 - Stateful PHP Service

Episode 53 - Product Architect vs Solutions Architect

Episode 52 - Geodatabase Talk - Archiving

Episode 52 - ArcGIS Server Talk - Logging

Episode 51 - Geodatabase Talk - DDL vs DML

Episode 50 - Geodatabase Talk - SDE

Episode 49 - User Experience vs API - What Comes First?

Episode 48 - ArcGIS Server - Asynchronous Geoprocessing Service

Episode 47 - How to become a Better Software Engineer? (Rant)

Episode 45 - Geodatabase Talk - Domains

Episode 44 - Is Coding Easy?

Episode 43 - Never underestimate a coding task

Episode 42 - Geodatabase Talk - Stateful DB Connection

Episode 41 - Geodatabase Talk - High Isolation

Episode 40 - Geodatabase Talk - Registration types

Episode 39 - Geodatabase Talk - Versioning

Episode 38 - Geodatabase Talk - Workspaces

Episode 37 - Geodatabase Talk - Tables

Episode 36 - Geodatabase Talk

Episode 35 - ArcGIS Server Talk - Pooling

Episode 34 - ArcGIS Server Talk - Process isolation

Episode 33 - ArcGIS Server Talk - Site Clusters

Episode 32 - ArcGIS Server Talk - Server Site

Episode 31 - Arcgis Server Talk

Episode 30 - Disk

Episode 29 - Who is Hussein Nasser?

Episode 28 - What is GIS?

Episode 27 - Why Coding is Hard?

Episode 26 - Caching

Episode 25 - Cash in on your passion

Episode 24 - Bleeding Edge Technologies

Episode 23 - Why JSON is so Popular?

Episode 22 - Latency

Episode 21 - RDBMS

Episode 20 - Cool feature in git

Episode 19 - Python as a Web Server

Episode 18 - Memory Leaks

Episode 17 - UX ... then REST

Episode 16 - TheDragon fights Engineers too

Episode 15 - I Wrote Bad Front-End Code

Episode 14 - Learn Software By Doing

Episode 13 - Do Developers Make Lousy UX?

Episode 12 - Stateless vs Stateful

Episode 11 - Persistence

Episode 10 - Scalable Software

Episode 09 - Advice to new Software Engineers

Episode 08 - UX and Software Architecture

Episode 02 - Stuck at your job?

Episode 01 - Sync vs aSync

IGeometry Podcast - Intro