The Linux Cast

Matt-Less (The Linux Cast - Season 7 Ep 8)

Vanilla OS Ditches Ubuntu, Linus Takes Out the Trash, and Bad Steam Deck News

Ubuntu Hates on Flatpaks, Linus Does Linus Things, and KDE Gets Better (again)

Fedora 38 and Flathub, Logitech Nerfed, and Fedora on Mac

KDE Plasma 6, Wayland XFCE, and Budgie 10.7

Linux Foundation Metaverse, Wine 8, and EA Comes to the Steam Deck

Fedora 38 Improves, Nvidia Does Its Thing, and Flatpak is #WINNING

2023 Linux Prediction Show

New Steam Controller? KDE Tiling Window Manager? DEATH! To Google Maps

Eufy Security Problems and Mozilla in the Metaverse

Pop!OS Cosmic Desktop, Steam Deck is Winning, and Wins for the Fediverse

Where Did The Linux Cast Go? We'll Be Back!

Fedora 37 Delayed, Zorin OS 16.2, and Steam Deck is More Awesome

Ubuntu Pro, Firefox View Sucks, and PaperDE

Is The Linux Community Necessary?

Why Do People Love AppImages So Much?

Is The Command Line Still Relevant?

Has The Steam Deck Been a Success?

Interview With DarkXero Founder of XeroLinux

Is a Mac the Perfect Linux Machine?

What's a Window Manager, Bro?

Vanilla Arch vs Arch Based Distros

Best Desktop Environment for Linux

Is Linux Too Customizable?

Are Containers the Future of Linux?

Is Canonical Evil?

Is the AUR Overrated?

Do We Even Want Linux to Win?

Best Window Manager for Beginners?

Are There Too Many Distros?

Is Electron Really All That Bad?

Desktop Environment or Window Manager - Which is Better?

The Right to Repair


Does Linux Need App Parity?

Linux From Scratch?

Linux Sucks And So Does Everything Else

Should You Use a Firewall on Linux?

Why is Rust So Popular?

Is Gentoo The Future of Linux?

Is Brave a Good Browser - Or Crypto Nonsense?

Are Linux Users Toxic?

Why is NVIDIA So Anti-Linux?

Can KDE Beat Gnome?

How to Switch To Linux (Best Practices)

6 Predictions for Linux in 2022

Our Last Podcast...Of the Year

Tickle My Nerd Gland

Can Linux Be Better for New Users?

Are Snaps the Future?

Do You Know These 10 Rare Linux Apps?

What's The Most Underrated Linux Distro?

GitLab Challenge

Our Favorite Apps and Color Schemes

Linux Makes Everything Better

Too Sexy For Your Distro

Duplication of Effort on Linux - Good or Bad?

Does Linux Have a Future?

Is Native Linux Gaming Dead?

5 Things We Love About Linux, 5 Things We Hate

Elementary Woes

Bash Challenge - Matt VS Tyler

Is Federated Social Media the Future?

The Future of Gaming on Linux

Is Telemetry Okay?

Would You Use Windows if it Was Open Source?

Why Isn't Linux Popular in the USA - Or Is It?

Is ARM the Future of Computing?

Is Pipewire Ready for Prime Time?

Does Google Care About Linux Security?

Does Linux Need Anti-Virus Software?

Linux Mint VS Ubuntu - Which is Better for New Users?

Are Automatic Updates Good for Linux?

Can Firefox Be Relevant Again?

Is Proprietary Software Bad for Linux?

Retro Gaming on Linux

Things to do After Distro Hopping

Backing Up is Important - What are Your Options?

The Issues With Linux Fragmentation

Firewalls and Security on Linux

GTK vs QT With a Side of the Browser Wars

A Brief Look at Linux File Systems

Are Themes Bad for Linux?

End of Year Recap - 2020

Is System76 Worth The Price?

The Supposed Superiority of Arch Linux

Should You Dual Boot?

Linux Permissions are Dumb

The Perils of Linux Elitism

NVIDIA and ARM - Bad for Linux?

Our Favorite Linux Apps

Why Linux on Mobile Might be Doomed

WSL - Is it a Threat to Linux?

AUR for the Win!

Snaps - For Good or Evil?

What Will it Take for Linux to go Mainstream?

The Merits of Tiling Window Managers

Pros and Cons of Ubuntu

Is Dual Booting Dead?

5 Reasons to Use Arch Linux

Elementary OS Review

ZSH vs Fish for Noobs

The Art of Theming (Podcast)

An Overview of Ubuntu 18.04 (Podcast)

The Pros and Cons of GNOME (Podcast)

GTK vs QT (Podcast)

Linux vs Windows (Podcast)

Flatpacks vs Snaps (Podcast)

Fedora 26 Review (Podcast)

Package Managers (Podcast)

Manjaro Budgie Review (Podcast)

The Linux Cast #4 – Why Hasn’t Linux Gone Mainstream?