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Update Your Model's View Of The World In Real Time With Streaming Machine Learning Using River

Declarative Machine Learning For High Performance Deep Learning Models With Predibase

Build Better Machine Learning Models With Confidence By Adding Validation With Deepchecks

Build A Full Stack ML Powered App In An Afternoon With Baseten

Skip Straight To The Fun Part Of Your Project With PyScaffold

Add Configuration Best Practices To Your Application In An Afternoon With Dynaconf

Take A Tour Of The Hidden Language Of Hardware And How It Powers Your Code

Take Control Of Your Electrical Systems With The Open Source FlexMeasures Energy Management System

How And Why To Build Effective Teams As An Engineering Leader

Complete Your Hardware "Weekend Projects" In An Actual Weekend With Belay

Catching Up With Pyre, A Fast Type Checker For Python

Standardizing On Python For All Software Projects At

Exploring The Process And Practice Of Building Better Software Through Code Reviews

Ship With Confidence By Automating Quality Assurance

Remove Roadblocks And Let Your Developers Ship Faster With Self-Serve Infrastructure

The Benefits Of Python And Django For Going From Zero To MVP At Speed

Powering The Next Generation Of Application Architectures With Web Assembly And The Fermyon Platform

Gain A Deeper Understanding Of What Your Code Is Doing And Where It Spends Its Time With VizTracer

Stream Processing In Real Time And At Scale In Pure Python With Bytewax

Tetra: A Full Stack Web Framework That Doesn't Make You Write Everything Twice

Design Real-World Objects In Python With CadQuery

Intelligent Dependency Resolution For Optimal Compatibility And Security With Project Thoth

Take A Deep Dive On How Code Completion Works And How To Customize It

Hunting Black Swans With Bees: Catching Up With The Inimitable Russell Keith-Magee

Take Control Of Your Digital Photos By Running Your Own Smart Library Manager With LibrePhotos

Making Investment Data Easy To Access And Analyze With The OpenBB Terminal

Accelerate Your Machine Learning Experimentation With Automatic Checkpoints Using FLOR

Automatically Enforce Software Structures With Powerful Code Modifications Powered By LibCST

Cloud Native Networking For Developers With The Gloo Platform

Accelerate And Simplify Cloud Native Development For Kubernetes Environments With Gefyra

Building A Community And Technology Stack For Scalable Big Data Geoscience At Pangeo

Automating Application Lifecycles For Developer Happiness At Wayfair

Run Your Applications Reliably On Kubernetes Without Losing Sleep With Robusta

Accelerate The Development And Delivery Of Your Machine Learning Applications Using Ray And Deploy It At Anyscale

See The Structure Of Your Software At A Glance With Call Graphs From Code2Flow

Scaling Knowledge Management For Technical Teams With Knowledge Repo

Simplify And Scale Your Software Development Cycles By Putting On Pants (Build Tool)

Achieve Repeatable Builds Of Your Software On Any Machine With Earthly

Building A Detailed View Of Your Software Delivery Process With The Eiffel Protocol

Improve Your Productivity By Investing In Developer Experience Design For Your Projects

An Exploration Of Effective Pandas Practices With Matt Harrison

Generate Your Text Files With Python Using Cog

A Friendly Approach To Regression Models For Programmers

Fast, Flexible, and Incremental Task Automation With doit

The Technological, Business, and Sales Challenges Of Building The Ethical Ads Network

Accidentally Building A Business With Python At Listen Notes

Making Orbital Mechanics More Accessible With Poliastro

Build Better Analytics And Models With A Focus On The Data Experience

Declarative Deep Learning From Your Laptop To Production With Ludwig and Horovod

Building Conversational AI to Augment Sales Teams at Structurely

Build Composable And Reusable Feature Engineering Pipelines with Feature-Engine

Speed Up Your Python Data Applications By Parallelizing Them With Bodo

An Exploration Of Financial Exchange Risk Management Strategies

Build Better Machine Learning Models By Understanding Their Decisions With SHAP

Accelerating Drug Discovery Using Machine Learning With TorchDrug

An Exploration Of Automated Speech Recognition

Experimenting With Reinforcement Learning Using MushroomRL

Doing Dask Powered Data Science In The Saturn Cloud

Monitor The Health Of Your Machine Learning Products In Production With Evidently

Making Automated Machine Learning More Accessible With EvalML

Growing And Supporting The Data Science Community At Anaconda

Network Analysis At The Speed Of C With The Power Of Python Using NetworKit

Delivering Deep Learning Powered Speech Recognition As A Service For Developers At AssemblyAI

Taking Aim At The Legacy Of SQL With The Preql Relational Language

Unleash The Power Of Dataframes At Any Scale With Modin

Exploring The SpeechBrain Toolkit For Speech Processing

Fast And Educational Exploration And Analysis Of Graph Data Structures With graph-tool

Lightening The Load For Deep Learning With Sparse Networks Using Neural Magic

Finding The Core Of Python For A Bright Future With Brett Cannon

Traversing The Challenges And Promise Of Graph Machine Learning

Keep Your Analytics Lint Free With SQLFluff

Exploring The Patterns And Practices For Deep Learning With Andrew Ferlitsch

Automatically Generate Your Unit Tests From Scratch With Pynguin

Leveling Up Natural Language Processing with Transfer Learning

Federated Learning For All With Flower

Data Exploration and Visualization Made Effortless with Lux

Extensible Open Source Authorization For Your Applications With Oso

Teaching Geeks The Value And Skills Of Public Speaking

Let The Robots Do The Work Using Robotic Process Automation with Robocorp

Keep Your Code Clean And Maintainable Using Static Analysis With Flake8

Make Your Code More Readable With The Magic Of Refactoring Using Sourcery

Be Data Driven At Any Scale With Superset

Practical Advice On Using Python To Power A Business

Analyzing The Ecosystem of Python Data Companies With Tony Liu

Go From Notebook To Pipeline For Your Data Science Projects With Orchest

Write Your Python Scripts In A Flow Based Visual Editor With Ryven

CrossHair: Your Automatic Pair Programmer

Giving Your Data Science Projects And Teams A Home At DagsHub

Exploring Literate Programming For Python Projects With nbdev

Making The Sans I/O Ideal A Reality For The Websockets Library

Driving Toward A Faster Python Interpreter With Pyston

Project Scaffolding That Evolves With Your Software Using Copier

How Python's Evolution Impacts Your Fluency With Luciano Ramalho

Making Content Management A Smooth Experience With A Headless CMS

Turning Notebooks Into Collaborative And Dynamic Data Applications With Hex

Add Anomaly Detection To Your Time Series Data With Luminaire

Building Big Data Pipelines For Audio With Klio

Open Sourcing The Anvil Full Stack Python Web App Platform

Pants Has Got Your Python Monorepo Covered

Scale Your Data Science Teams With Machine Learning Operations Principles

Making The Case For A (Semi) Formal Specification Of CPython

Bringing Artificial Intelligence Projects From Idea To Production

Power Up Your Java Using Python With JPype

The Journey To Replace Python's Parser And What It Means For The Future

Cloud Native Application Delivery Using GitOps

Threading The Needle Of Interesting And Informative While You Learn To Code

Solving Python Package Creation For End User Applications With PyOxidizer

Flexible Network Security Detection And Response With Grapl

Simplified Data Extraction And Analysis For Current Events With Newspaper

Digging Into Dagster: An Opinionated Open Source Framework For Data Orchestration

When, Why, and How To Use Web Scraping In A Nutshell

Working In The Code Mines: Mining Software Repositories With PyDriller

Building The Open Data Ecosystem For Music And More At Metabrainz

Growing Dask To Make Scaling Python Data Science Easier At Coiled

Supporting The Full Lifecycle Of Machine Learning Projects With Metaflow

Learning To Program By Building Tiny Python Projects

Idiomatic Functional Programming With DRY Python

The Past, Present, And Future Of The FLUFL: Barry Warsaw Shares His History With Python

Pure Python Configuration Management With PyInfra

Build Your Own Domain Specific Language in Python With textX

Adding Observability To Your Python Applications With OpenTelemetry

Build A Personal Knowledge Store With Topic Modeling In Contextualize

Open Source Product Analytics With PostHog

Extending The Life Of Python 2 Projects With Tauthon

Dependency Management Improvements In Pip's Resolver

Easy Data Validation For Your Python Projects With Pydantic

Managing Distributed Teams In The Age Of Remote Work

Maintainable Infrastructure As Code In Pure Python With Pulumi

Teaching Python Machine Learning

Build The Next Generation Of Python Web Applications With FastAPI

Distributed Computing In Python Made Easy With Ray

Building The Seq Language For Bioinformatics

An Open Source Toolchain For Natural Language Processing From Explosion AI

A Flexible Open Source ERP Framework To Run Your Business

Getting A Handle On Portable C Extensions With hpy

Open Source Machine Learning On Quantum Computers With Xanadu AI

The Advanced Python Task Scheduler

Reducing The Friction Of Embedded Software Development With PlatformIO

APIs, Sustainable Open Source and The Async Web With Tom Christie

Learning To Program Python By Building Video Games With Arcade

Build Your Own Personal Data Repository With Nostalgia

Simplifying Social Login For Your Web Applications

Building A Business On Building Data Driven Businesses

Using Deliberate Practice To Level Up Your Python

Checking Up On Python's Role in DevOps

Python's Built In IDE Isn't Just Sitting IDLE

Riding The Rising Tides Of Python

Debugging Python Projects With PySnooper

Making Complex Software Fun And Flexible With Plugin Oriented Programming

Faster And Safer Software Development With Feature Flags

From Simple Script To Beautiful Web Application With Streamlit

Automate Your Server Security With GrapheneX

Accelerating The Adoption Of Python At Wayfair

Building Quantum Computing Algorithms In Python

Illustrating The Landscape And Applications Of Deep Learning

Andrew's Adventures In Coderland

Network Automation At Enterprise Scale With Python

Building A Modern Discussion Forum In Python To Support Healthy Communities

Exploratory Data Analysis Made Easy At The Command Line

Cultivating The Python Community In Argentina

Python Powered Journalistic Freedom With SecureDrop

Combining Python And SQL To Build A PyData Warehouse

AI Driven Automated Code Review With DeepCode

Security, UX, and Sustainability For The Python Package Index

Learning To Program In Python With CodeGrades

Build Your Own Knowledge Graph With Zincbase

Docker Best Practices For Python In Production

Protecting The Future Of Python By Hunting Black Swans

A Modern Open Source Project Management Platform

Domain Driven Design For Python

Open Source Automated Machine Learning With MindsDB

Behind The Scenes At The Python Software Foundation

Algorithmic Trading In Python Using Open Tools And Open Data

Web Application Development Entirely In Python With Anvil

Building A Business On Serverless Technology

A Data Catalog For Your PyData Projects

Hardware Hacking Made Easy With CircuitPython

Building A Privacy Preserving Voice Assistant

Hacking The Government With The USDS

Probabilistic Modeling In Python (And What That Even Means)

Exploring Indico: A Full Featured Event Management Platform

Exploring Python's Internals By Rewriting Them In Rust

Version Control For Your Machine Learning Projects

Building Scalable Ecommerce Sites On Saleor

A Quick Python Check-in With Naomi Ceder

Wes McKinney's Career In Python For Data Analysis

The Past, Present, and Future of Deep Learning In PyTorch

How To Include Redis In Your Application Architecture

Marshmallow Data Validation Library

Unpacking The Python Toolkit For Chaos Engineering

Computational Musicology For Python Programmers

Classic Computer Science For Pythonistas

What You Need To Know About Open Source Licenses And Intellectual Property

Counteracting Code Complexity With Wily

Teaching Digital Archaeology With Jupyter Notebooks

Analyzing Satellite Image Data Using PyTroll

Building GraphQL APIs in Python Using Graphene with Syrus Akbary

AIORTC: An Asynchronous WebRTC Framework with Jeremy Lainé

Polyglot: Multi-Lingual Natural Language Processing with Rami Al-Rfou

Gnocchi: A Scalable Time Series Database For Your Metrics with Julien Danjou

Keeping Up With The Python Community For Fun And Profit with Dan Bader

Using Calibre To Keep Your Digital Library In Order with Kovid Goyal

Entity Extraction, Document Processing, And Knowledge Graphs For Investigative Journalists with Friedrich Lindenberg

Bringing Python To The Spanish Language Community with Maricela Sanchez

Of Checklists, Ethics, and Data with Emily Miller and Peter Bull

How Python Is Used To Build A Startup At Wanderu with Chris Kirkos and Matt Warren

Building A Game In Python At PyWeek with Daniel Pope

Managing Application Secrets with Brian Kelly

Django, Channels, And The Asynchronous Web with Andrew Godwin

The Business Of Technical Authoring With William Vincent

Keep Your Code Clean Using pre-commit with Anthony Sottile

Infection Monkey Vulnerability Scanner with Daniel Goldberg

Fast Stream Processing In Python Using Faust with Ask Solem

Don't Just Stand There, Get Programming! with Ana Bell

The Masonite Web Framework With Joe Mancuso

Helping Teacher's Bring Python Into The Classroom With Nicholas Tollervey

Continuous Delivery For Complex Systems Using Zuul with Monty Taylor

Michael Foord On Testing, Mock, TDD, And The Python Community

The Past, Present, and Future of Twisted with Moshe Zadka

Mike Driscoll And His Career In Python

The Pulp Artifact Repository with Bihan Zhang and Austin Macdonald

Bringing Africa Online At Ascoderu with Clemens Wolff

Understanding Machine Learning Through Visualizations with Benjamin Bengfort and Rebecca Bilbro

Modern Database Clients On The Command Line with Amjith Ramanujam

Pandas Extension Arrays with Tom Augspurger

Making A Difference Through Software With Eric Schles

Asking Questions From Data Using Active Learning with Tivadar Danka

Great Expectations For Your Data Pipelines with Abe Gong and James Campbell

Exploring Color Theory In Python With Thomas Mansencal

Destroy All Software With Gary Bernhardt

Scaling Deep Learning Using Polyaxon with Mourad Mourafiq

Electricity Map: Real Time Visibility of Power Generation with Olivier Corradi

Building And Growing Nylas with Christine Spang

Synthetic Data Generation Using Mimesis with Nikita Sobolev

Luminoth: AI Powered Computer Vision for Python with Joaquin Alori

Thonny: The IDE For Beginning Programmers with Aivar Annamaa

Keeping The Beets with Adrian Sampson

Salabim: Logistics Simulation with Ruud van der Ham

Laboratory: Safer Refactoring with Joe Alcorn

Software Architecture For Developers with Neal Ford


PyRay: Pure Python 3D Rendering with Rohit Pandey

MonkeyType with Carl Meyer and Matt Page

Learn Leap Fly: Using Python To Promote Global Literacy with Kjell Wooding Open Source Alerting For Your Cron Jobs with Pēteris Caune

Bonobo: Lightweight ETL Toolkit for Python 3 with Romain Dorgueil

Orange: Visual Data Mining Toolkit with Janez Demšar and Blaž Zupan

Dramatiq: Distributed Task Queue For Python 3 with Bogdan Popa

Jake Vanderplas: Data Science For Academic Research

Kenneth Reitz

Asphalt: A Framework For Asynchronous Network Applications with Alex Grönholm

Golem: End-To-End Test Automation Framework with Luciano Renzi

Graphite Metrics Stack with Jason Dixon and Dan Cech

Surprise! Recommendation Algorithms with Nicolas Hug

Rasa: Build Your Own AI Chatbot with Joey Faulkner

Eliot: Effective Logging with Itamar Turner-Trauring

Donkey: Building Self Driving Cars with Will Roscoe

Event Sourcing with John Bywater

Kalliope with Nicolas Marcq and Thibaud Buffet

Modoboa with Antoine Nguyen

QuTiP with Paul Nation

Lego Robotics with David Lechner and Denis Demidov

Cloud-Init with Scott Moser

Biopython with Peter Cock, Wibowo Arindrarto, and Tiago Antão

opsdroid with Jacob Tomlinson

Ergonomica with Liam Schumm

Data Retriever with Henry Senyondo with Ned Batchelder

Yosai with Darin Gordon

Moving to MongoDB with Michael Kennedy

Zulip Chat with Tim Abbott

NAPALM with David Barroso and Mircea Ulinic

Automat State Machines with Glyph Lefkowitz

Nuclear Engineering with Dr. Katy Huff

Industrial Automation with Jonas Neubert

Jedi Code Completion with David Halter

Coconut with Evan Hubinger

Cauldron with Scott Ernst

Tech Debt and Refactoring at Yelp! with Andrew Mason

LBRY with Jeremy Kauffman

Python Goes To The Movies with Dhruv Govil

Scapy with Guillaume Valadon

yt-project with Nathan Goldbaum and John Zuhone

Scikit-Image with Stefan van der Walt and Juan Nunez-Iglesias

Oscar Ecommerce with David Winterbottom and Michael van Tellingen

Duplicity with Kenneth Loafman

Digital Identity, Privacy, and Security with Brian Warner with Tobias Oberstein and Alexander Gödde

MetPy: Taming The Weather With Python

The Update Framework: Securing Your Software Updates with Justin Cappos

Pandas with Jeff Reback

PyTables with Francesc Alted

SKIDL with Dave Vandenbout

Parsing and Parsers with Dave Beazley and Erik Rose

Home Assistant with Paulus Schoutsen

Cryptography with Paul Kehrer

Translate House with Dwayne Bailey and Ryan Northey

Morepath with Martijn Faassen

ERPNext with Rushabh Mehta

Jackie Kazil

Weblate with Michal Čihař

SpaCy with Matthew Honnibal

Kinto with Alexis Metaireau and Mathieu Leplatre

Plone with Eric Steele


HouseCanary with Travis Jungroth

Mycroft with Steve Penrod

Annapoornima Koppad

Python for GIS with Sean Gillies

K Lars Lohn

Lorena Mesa

Podbuzzz with Kyle Martin

PsychoPy with Jonathan Peirce with Asheesh Laroia

Python at Zalando

Alex Martelli

Dave Beazley

GenSim with Radim Řehůřek

Python on Windows with Steve Dower

PyCon Canada with Francis Deslauriers and Peter McCormick

Test Engineering with Cris Medina

Crossing The Streams - Talk Python with Michael Kennedy

Zorg with Gunther Cox and Kevin Brown

Mypy with David Fisher and Greg Price

BeeWare with Russell Keith-Magee

Armin Ronacher

Bandit with Tim Kelsey, Travis McPeak, and Eric Brown

Sentry with David Cramer

Mercurial with Augie Fackler

Pillow with Alex Clark

Wagtail with Tom Dyson

Buildbot with Pierre Tardy

Onion IoT with Lazar and Zheng

LibCloud with Anthony Shaw

Pip and the Python Package Authority with Donald Stufft

StackStorm with Tomaž Muraus and Patrick Hoolboom

Hypothesis with David MacIver

Pyjion with Dino Viehland and Brett Cannon

Transcrypt with Jacques de Hooge

VPython with Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood

PyData London with Ian Ozsvald and Emlyn Clay

Efene with Mariano Guerra

Functional Python with Matthew Rocklin and Alexander Schepanovsky

Cython with Craig Citro and Robert Bradshaw

Airflow with Maxime Beauchemin


SymPy With Aaron Meurer

RPython with Maciej Fijalkowski

Ben Darnell on Tornado

Yves Hilpisch on Quantitative Finance

Scott Sanderson on Algorithmic Trading

The PEP Talk

Eric Holscher on Documentation and Read The Docs

Sylvain Thénault on ASTroid

Stuart Mumford on SunPy

Maneesha Sane on Software and Data Carpentry

Erik Tollerud on AstroPy

Dariusz Suchojad on Zato

Tom Rothamel on Ren’Py

Anthony Scopatz on Xonsh

Kay Hayen on Nuitka

Trent Nelson on PyParallel

Dag Brattli on RxPy

uWSGI Core Developers

Griatch on Evennia (Making MUDs with Python)

Hylang Core Developers

Bryan Van de Ven on Bokeh

Jessica McKellar

Static Site Generators with Justin Mayer and Roberto Alsina

Al Sweigart on Python for Non-Programmers

Liza Avramenko on CheckIO and Empire of Code

Glyph on Ethics in Software

Holger Krekel on Py.Test

Damien George Talks To Us About MicroPython

Allen Downey on Teaching Computer Science with Python

Jacob Kovac on KivEnt

Eric Schles on Fighting Human Trafficking with Python

Naomi Ceder, Lynn Root and Tracy Osborn on Diversity in the Python Community

Brian Granger and Fernando Perez of the IPython Project

David Baumgold on Flask-Dance, WebhookDB and Open EdX

Mark Baggett on Python for InfoSec

Jacob Kaplan-Moss on Addressing Cultural Issues in Tech

Jonathan Slenders Talks About Prompt Toolkit

Ned Batchelder

Travis Oliphant

Kivy Core Developers

Reuven Lerner

Thomas Hatch

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