The Real Python Podcast

Coding With namedtuple & Python's Dynamic Superpowers

Sharing Your Python App Across Platforms With BeeWare

Django Deployment Strategies & Preparing for PyCascades 2023

Using NumPy and Linear Algebra for Faster Python Code

Creating a Python Wordle Clone & Testing Environments With Nox

Wrangling Business Process Models With Python and SpiffWorkflow

Create Interactive Maps & Geospatial Data Visualizations With Python

Orchestrating Large and Small Projects With Apache Airflow

Exploring Python With bpython & Formalizing f-String Grammar

Speeding Up Your DataFrames With Polars

Surveying Comprehension Constructs & Python Parallelism Infighting

2022 Real Python Tutorial & Video Course Wrap Up

Start Using a Build System & Continuous Integration in Python

Package Python Code With pyproject.toml & Listing Files With pathlib

Preparing Data to Measure True Machine Learning Model Performance

Building Python REST APIs With Flask & Structuring Pull Requests

Moving Projects Away From Passwords With WebAuthn and Python

Creating Tic-Tac-Toe With an AI Player & Shortcuts for Python Decorators

Exploring the New Features of Python 3.11

Fostering an Internal Python Community & Managing the 3.11 Release

Using an Ellipsis in Python & Goals for CPython 3.12

Using a Memory Profiler in Python & What It Can Teach You

Explaining Access Control Using Python & Cautiously Handling Pickles

Python as an Efficiency Tool for Non-Developers

Improve Matplotlib With Style Sheets & Python Async for the Web

Exploring Recursion in Python With Al Sweigart

Creating a Python Code Completer & More Abstract Syntax Tree Projects

Configuring a Coding Environment on Windows & Using TOML With Python

Moving NLP Forward With Transformer Models and Attention

Inspiring Young People to Learn Python With Mission Encodeable

Natural Language Processing and How ML Models Understand Text

Creating Documentation With MkDocs & When to Use a Python dict

Measuring Python Code Quality, Simplicity, and Maintainability

Exploring Functional Programming in Python With Bruce Eckel

Digging Into PyScript & Preventing or Handling Python Errors

Getting Started in Python Cybersecurity and Forensics

Build Streamlit Data Science Dashboards & Verbose Regex f-Strings

Managing Large Python Data Science Projects With Dask

Questions for New Dependencies & Comparing Python Game Libraries

Advantages of Protobuf for Serialization in Python

Start Testing Your Python with doctest & Pagination in Django

Run Python in a Browser With Pyodide & The Power of f-Strings

Type-Safe ORM With Prisma Client & Real Python at PyCon US 2022

Class Constructors & Pythonic Image Processing

Creating Better Error Messages for Python 3.10 & 3.11

Building a Hash Table in Python and Thoughtful REST API Design

Becoming More Effective at Manipulating Data With Pandas

Making Your Notebook Interactive and Using Python's Assert

Tools for Setting Up Python on a New Machine

Defining Optional Arguments and Moving Beyond "Beginner" Python

OAuth 2 and Authentication Choices for Your Python Project

Drawing Fractals With Python and Working With a Weather API

Improving Your Django and Python Developer Experience

Manipulating and Analyzing Audio in Python

What Is a JIT and How Can Pyjion Speed Up Your Python?

Designing for Users and Building a Social Network With Django

Launching Python, Virtual Environments, and Locking Dependencies With Brett Cannon

Continuing to Unravel Python's Syntactic Sugar With Brett Cannon

2021 Real Python Articles Wrap Up

A Python Journey: Cyber Security, Automating AWS, and TDD

Solving Advent of Code Puzzles With Python

Discussing Type Hints, Protocols, and Ducks in Python

Building a Content Aggregator and Working With RSS in Python

The Legacy of OLPC and Charismatic Pitfalls in Teaching Programming

Exploring Django Templates, Tags, and Filters

Creating and Manipulating PDFs in Python With borb

Ready to Publish Your Python Packages?

Welcoming the CPython Developer in Residence

Exploring the New Features of Python 3.10

Make Your Python App Interactive With a Text User Interface (TUI)

Measuring Your Python Learning Progress

Learning Python Through Illustrated Stories

Advantages of Completing Small Python Projects

Harnessing Python's math Module and Exposing Practical Pandas Functions

Building With CircuitPython & Constraints of Python for Microcontrollers

Python's Assignment Expressions and Fixing a Botched Release to PyPI

Supporting Python Open Source Projects and Maintainers

Starting With FastAPI and Examining Python's Import System

Start Using a Debugger With Your Python Code

What Can You Do With Python and Counting Objects Using "Counter"

Planning a Faster Future at the Python Language Summit

Exploring the functools Module and Complex Numbers in Python

Securing Your Python Software Supply Chain With Dustin Ingram

Practicing Python With CSV Files and Extracting Values With "filter()"

Expanding the International Python Community With the PSF

Detecting Deforestation With Python & Using GraphQL With Django and Vue

Create Web Applications Using Only Python With Anvil

Selecting the Ideal Data Structure & Unravelling Python's "pass" and "with"

Scaling Data Science and Machine Learning Infrastructure Like Netflix

Building a Platform Game With Arcade and Covering Python News Monthly

Organizing and Restructuring DjangoCon Europe 2021

Podcast Rewind With Guest Highlights for 2020-2021

Taking the Next Step in Python Game Development

OrderedDict vs dict and Object Oriented Programming in Python vs Java

Getting Started With Refactoring Your Python Code

Building a Neural Network and How to Write Tests in Python

Improving the Learning Experience on Real Python

Connecting to MongoDB and Updates on the Python Packaging Landscape

Navigating Options for Deploying Your Python Application

Consuming APIs With Python and Building Microservices With gRPC

The Challenges of Developing Into a Python Professional

Stochastic Gradient Descent and Deploying Your Python Scripts on the Web

Unraveling Python's Syntax to Its Core With Brett Cannon

C for Python Developers and Data Visualization With Dash

Processing Images in Python With Pillow

Creating an Interactive Online Python Conference for PyCascades 2021

Deep Reinforcement Learning in a Notebook With Jupylet + Gaming and Synthesis

What Is Data Engineering and Researching 10 Million Jupyter Notebooks

2020 Real Python Articles in Review

How Python Manages Memory and Creating Arrays With np.linspace

Generators, Coroutines, and Learning Python Through Exercises

Looping With enumerate() and Python GUIs With PyQt

Teaching Python and Finding Resources for Students

Sentiment Analysis, Fourier Transforms, and More Python Data Science

Security and Authorization in Your Python Web Applications

The Python Modulo Operator & Managing Data With SQLite and SQLAlchemy

Going Beyond the Basic Stuff With Python and Al Sweigart

Our New "Python Basics" Book & Filling the Gaps in Your Learning Path

Python Return Statement Best Practices and Working With the map() Function

Exploring the New Features of Python 3.9

Resolving Package Dependencies With the New Version of Pip

Using Pylance to Write Better Python Inside of Visual Studio Code

Preparing for an Interview With Python Practice Problems

5 Years Podcasting Python With Michael Kennedy: Growth, GIL, Async, and More

Data Version Control in Python and Real Python Video Transcripts

Options for Packaging Your Python Application: Wheels, Docker, and More

Python Wheels and Pass by Reference in Python

Create Cross-Platform Python GUI Apps With BeeWare

Exploring K-means Clustering and Building a Gradebook With Pandas

Building PDFs in Python with ReportLab

Advanced Python Import Techniques and Managing Users in Django

Ten Years of Flask: Conversation With Creator Armin Ronacher

Linear Programming, PySimpleGUI, and More

Thinking in Pandas: Python Data Analysis the Right Way

Python Regular Expressions, Views vs Copies in Pandas, and More

Going Serverless with Python

PDFs in Python and Projects on the Raspberry Pi

Web Scraping in Python: Tools, Techniques, and Legality

Advice on Getting Started With Testing in Python

Python Job Hunting in a Pandemic

Leveling Up Your Python Literacy and Finding Python Projects to Study

Docker + Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

AsyncIO + Music, Origins of Black, and Managing Python Releases

Python REST APIs and The Well-Grounded Python Developer

Exploring CircuitPython

Learning Python Through Errors

Effective Python and Python at Google Scale

Learn Python Skills While Creating Games

Python Decorators and Writing for Real Python

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