The Sourcegraph Podcast

Daniel Stenberg, Founder & Lead Developer of cURL

Jason Warner, Managing Director of Redpoint Ventures

Jean Yang, Founder and CEO of Akita Software

Adam Berry, Senior Staff Engineer at Amplitude

John Kodumal, CTO and Co-founder of LaunchDarkly

Ravi Parikh, Founder and CEO of Airplane

Max Howell, creator of Homebrew and founder of tea

Creating one CI to rule them all, with Fedor Korotkov, founder and CTO of Cirrus Labs

Changing the web one tool at a time, with Kelly Norton, principal software engineer at Mailchimp and creator of Hound

Building the code editor dreams are made of, with Max Brunsfeld, co-founder of Zed

Creating the GitHub of databases, with Sugu Sougoumarane, co-founder and CTO of PlanetScale

Disassembling and building developer tools, with Nelson Elhage, creator of open source code search engine Livegrep

Building technical communities, with Swyx, Head of Developer Experience at Temporal

Arming the rebels of the metaverse, with Joseph Nelson, CEO and co-founder of Roboflow

Pioneering the developer advocate role, with Cassidy Williams, Director of Developer Experience at Netlify

Building the foundation of code search with Han-Wen Nienhuys, creator of Zoekt

Taking the warts off C, with Andrew Kelley, creator of the Zig Software Foundation

Making security more accessible for developers, with Sam Scott, co-founder and CTO of Oso

Redesigning the future of feature flags, with Ivar Østhus and Egil Østhus, co-founders of Unleash

Designing delightful docs, with Orta Therox, TypeScript Compiler Engineer at Microsoft

Connecting the right ideas with the right people, with Christopher Chedeau, creator of Excalidraw, co-creator of React Native

Decomposing a massive Rails monolith with Kirsten Westeinde, software development manager at Shopify

The future of the code economy, with Devon Zuegel, creator of GitHub Sponsors

Kelsey Hightower, Kubernetes and Google Cloud

Peter Pezaris, CEO of Codestream

Jonathan Carter (LostInTangent), GitHub Codespaces, Visual Studio Live Share, CodeTour

Andrew Gallant, creator of ripgrep

Syrus Akbary, CEO of Wasmer

Michael Stapelberg, creator of i3, Debian Code Search, and distri

Matt Holt, creator of Caddy

Thorsten Klein, creator of k3d

Rijnard van Tonder, creator of Comby

Dan Bentley, CEO and co-founder of Tilt

Yves Junqueira and John Ewart

Luke Hoban, CTO of Pulumi, co-founder of TypeScript

Evan Culver of Segment

Charity Majors, CTO and founder of Honeycomb

Ryan Djurovich of Xero and Cloudlfare

David Cramer, CTO and founder of Sentry

Introducing the Sourcegraph Podcast