The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

Watermarking Large Language Models to Fight Plagiarism with Tom Goldstein - 621

Does ChatGPT “Think”? A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective with Anna Ivanova - #620

Robotic Dexterity and Collaboration with Monroe Kennedy III - #619

Privacy and Security for Stable Diffusion and LLMs with Nicholas Carlini - #618

Understanding AI’s Impact on Social Disparities with Vinodkumar Prabhakaran - #617

AI Trends 2023: Causality and the Impact on Large Language Models with Robert Osazuwa Ness - #616

Data-Centric Zero-Shot Learning for Precision Agriculture with Dimitris Zermas - #615

How LLMs and Generative AI are Revolutionizing AI for Science with Anima Anandkumar - #614

AI Trends 2023: Natural Language Proc - ChatGPT, GPT-4 and Cutting Edge Research with Sameer Singh - #613

AI Trends 2023: Reinforcement Learning - RLHF, Robotic Pre-Training, and Offline RL with Sergey Levine - #612

Supporting Food Security in Africa Using ML with Catherine Nakalembe - #611

Service Cards and ML Governance with Michael Kearns - #610

Reinforcement Learning for Personalization at Spotify with Tony Jebara - #609

Will ChatGPT take my job? - #608

Geospatial Machine Learning at AWS with Kumar Chellapilla - #607

Real-Time ML Workflows at Capital One with Disha Singla - #606

Weakly Supervised Causal Representation Learning with Johann Brehmer - #605

Stable Diffusion & Generative AI with Emad Mostaque - #604

Exploring Large Language Models with ChatGPT - #603

Accelerating Intelligence with AI-Generating Algorithms with Jeff Clune - #602

Programmatic Labeling and Data Scaling for Autonomous Commercial Aviation with Cedric Cocaud - #601

Engineering Production NLP Systems at T-Mobile with Heather Nolis - #600

Sim2Real and Optimus, the Humanoid Robot with Ken Goldberg - #599

The Evolution of the NLP Landscape with Oren Etzioni - #598

Live from TWIMLcon! The Great MLOps Debate: End-to-End ML Platforms vs Specialized Tools - #597

Live from TWIMLcon! You're not Facebook. Architecting MLOps for B2B Use Cases with Jacopo Tagliabue - #596

Building Foundational ML Platforms with Kubernetes and Kubeflow with Ali Rodell - #595

AI-Powered Peer Programming with Vasi Philomin - #594

The Top 10 Reasons to Register for TWIMLcon: AI Platforms 2022!

Applied AI/ML Research at PayPal with Vidyut Naware - #593

Assessing Data Quality at Shopify with Wendy Foster - #592

Transformers for Tabular Data at Capital One with Bayan Bruss - #591

Understanding Collective Insect Communication with ML, w/ Orit Peleg - #590

Multimodal, Multi-Lingual NLP at Hugging Face with John Bohannon and Douwe Kiela - #589

Synthetic Data Generation for Robotics with Bill Vass - #588

Multi-Device, Multi-Use-Case Optimization with Jeff Gehlhaar - #587

Causal Conceptions of Fairness and their Consequences with Sharad Goel - #586

Brain-Inspired Hardware and Algorithm Co-Design with Melika Payvand - #585

Equivariant Priors for Compressed Sensing with Arash Behboodi - #584

Managing Data Labeling Ops for Success with Audrey Smith - #583

Engineering an ML-Powered Developer-First Search Engine with Richard Socher - #582

On The Path Towards Robot Vision with Aljosa Osep - #581

More Language, Less Labeling with Kate Saenko - #580

Optical Flow Estimation, Panoptic Segmentation, and Vision Transformers with Fatih Porikli - #579

Data Governance for Data Science with Adam Wood - #578

Feature Platforms for Data-Centric AI with Mike Del Balso - #577

The Fallacy of "Ground Truth" with Shayan Mohanty - #576

Principle-centric AI with Adrien Gaidon - #575

Data Debt in Machine Learning with D. Sculley - #574

AI for Enterprise Decisioning at Scale with Rob Walker - #573

Data Rights, Quantification and Governance for Ethical AI with Margaret Mitchell - #572

Studying Machine Intelligence with Been Kim - #571

Advances in Neural Compression with Auke Wiggers - #570

Mixture-of-Experts and Trends in Large-Scale Language Modeling with Irwan Bello - #569

Daring to DAIR: Distributed AI Research with Timnit Gebru - #568

Hierarchical and Continual RL with Doina Precup - #567

Open-Source Drug Discovery with DeepChem with Bharath Ramsundar - #566

Advancing Hands-On Machine Learning Education with Sebastian Raschka - #565

Big Science and Embodied Learning at Hugging Face 🤗 with Thomas Wolf - #564

Full-Stack AI Systems Development with Murali Akula - #563

100x Improvements in Deep Learning Performance with Sparsity, w/ Subutai Ahmad - #562

Scaling BERT and GPT for Financial Services with Jennifer Glore - #561

Trends in Deep Reinforcement Learning with Kamyar Azizzadenesheli - #560

Deep Reinforcement Learning at the Edge of the Statistical Precipice with Rishabh Agarwal - #559

Designing New Energy Materials with Machine Learning with Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli - #558

Differentiable Programming for Oceanography with Patrick Heimbach - #557

Trends in Machine Learning & Deep Learning with Zachary Lipton - #556

Solving the Cocktail Party Problem with Machine Learning, w/ ‪Jonathan Le Roux - #555

Machine Learning for Earthquake Seismology with Karianne Bergen - #554

The New DBfication of ML/AI with Arun Kumar - #553

Building Public Interest Technology with Meredith Broussard - #552

A Universal Law of Robustness via Isoperimetry with Sebastien Bubeck - #551

Trends in NLP with John Bohannon - #550

Trends in Computer Vision with Georgia Gkioxari - #549

Kids Run the Darndest Experiments: Causal Learning in Children with Alison Gopnik - #548

Hypergraphs, Simplicial Complexes and Graph Representations of Complex Systems with Tina Eliassi-Rad - #547

Deep Learning, Transformers, and the Consequences of Scale with Oriol Vinyals - #546

Optimization, Machine Learning and Intelligent Experimentation with Michael McCourt - #545

Jupyter and the Evolution of ML Tooling with Brian Granger - #544

Creating a Data-Driven Culture at ADP with Jack Berkowitz - #543

re:Invent Roundup 2021 with Bratin Saha - #542

Multi-modal Deep Learning for Complex Document Understanding with Doug Burdick - #541

Predictive Maintenance Using Deep Learning and Reliability Engineering with Shayan Mortazavi - #540

Building a Deep Tech Startup in NLP with Nasrin Mostafazadeh - #539

Models for Human-Robot Collaboration with Julie Shah - #538

Four Key Tools for Robust Enterprise NLP with Yunyao Li - #537

Machine Learning at GSK with Kim Branson - #536

The Benefit of Bottlenecks in Evolving Artificial Intelligence with David Ha - #535

Facebook Abandons Facial Recognition. Should Everyone Else Follow Suit? With Luke Stark - #534

Building Blocks of Machine Learning at LEGO with Francesc Joan Riera - #533

Exploring the FastAI Tooling Ecosystem with Hamel Husain - #532

Multi-task Learning for Melanoma Detection with Julianna Ianni - #531

House Hunters: Machine Learning at Redfin with Akshat Kaul - #530

Attacking Malware with Adversarial Machine Learning, w/ Edward Raff - #529

Learning to Ponder: Memory in Deep Neural Networks with Andrea Banino - #528

Advancing Deep Reinforcement Learning with NetHack, w/ Tim Rocktäschel - #527

Building Technical Communities at Stack Overflow with Prashanth Chandrasekar - #526

Deep Learning is Eating 5G. Here’s How, w/ Joseph Soriaga - #525

Modeling Human Cognition with RNNs and Curriculum Learning, w/ Kanaka Rajan - #524

Do You Dare Run Your ML Experiments in Production? with Ville Tuulos - #523

Delivering Neural Speech Services at Scale with Li Jiang - #522

AI’s Legal and Ethical Implications with Sandra Wachter - #521

Compositional ML and the Future of Software Development with Dillon Erb - #520

Generating SQL Database Queries from Natural Language with Yanshuai Cao - #519

Social Commonsense Reasoning with Yejin Choi - #518

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Game Testing at EA with Konrad Tollmar - #517

Exploring AI 2041 with Kai-Fu Lee - #516

Advancing Robotic Brains and Bodies with Daniela Rus - #515

Neural Synthesis of Binaural Speech From Mono Audio with Alexander Richard - #514

Using Brain Imaging to Improve Neural Networks with Alona Fyshe - #513

Adaptivity in Machine Learning with Samory Kpotufe - #512

A Social Scientist’s Perspective on AI with Eric Rice - #511

Applications of Variational Autoencoders and Bayesian Optimization with José Miguel Hernández Lobato - #510

Codex, OpenAI’s Automated Code Generation API with Greg Brockman - #509

Spatiotemporal Data Analysis with Rose Yu - #508

Parallelism and Acceleration for Large Language Models with Bryan Catanzaro - #507

Applying the Causal Roadmap to Optimal Dynamic Treatment Rules with Lina Montoya - #506

Constraint Active Search for Human-in-the-Loop Optimization with Gustavo Malkomes - #505

Fairness and Robustness in Federated Learning with Virginia Smith -#504

Scaling AI at H&M Group with Errol Koolmeister - #503

Evolving AI Systems Gracefully with Stefano Soatto - #502

ML Innovation in Healthcare with Suchi Saria - #501

Cross-Device AI Acceleration, Compilation & Execution with Jeff Gehlhaar - #500

The Future of Human-Machine Interaction with Dan Bohus and Siddhartha Sen - #499

Vector Quantization for NN Compression with Julieta Martinez - #498

Deep Unsupervised Learning for Climate Informatics with Claire Monteleoni - #497

Skip-Convolutions for Efficient Video Processing with Amir Habibian - #496

Advancing NLP with Project Debater w/ Noam Slonim - #495

Bringing AI Up to Speed with Autonomous Racing w/ Madhur Behl - #494

AI and Society: Past, Present and Future with Eric Horvitz - #493

Agile Applied AI Research with Parvez Ahammad - #492

Haptic Intelligence with Katherine J. Kuchenbecker - #491

Data Science on AWS with Chris Fregly and Antje Barth - #490

Accelerating Distributed AI Applications at Qualcomm with Ziad Asghar - #489

Buy AND Build for Production Machine Learning with Nir Bar-Lev - #488

Applied AI Research at AWS with Alex Smola - #487

Causal Models in Practice at Lyft with Sean Taylor - #486

Using AI to Map the Human Immune System w/ Jabran Zahid - #485

Learning Long-Time Dependencies with RNNs w/ Konstantin Rusch - #484

What the Human Brain Can Tell Us About NLP Models with Allyson Ettinger - #483

Probabilistic Numeric CNNs with Roberto Bondesan - #482

Building a Unified NLP Framework at LinkedIn with Huiji Gao - #481

Dask + Data Science Careers with Jacqueline Nolis - #480

Machine Learning for Equitable Healthcare Outcomes with Irene Chen - #479

AI Storytelling Systems with Mark Riedl - #478

Creating Robust Language Representations with Jamie Macbeth - #477

Reinforcement Learning for Industrial AI with Pieter Abbeel - #476

AutoML for Natural Language Processing with Abhishek Thakur - #475

Inclusive Design for Seeing AI with Saqib Shaikh - #474

Theory of Computation with Jelani Nelson - #473

Human-Centered ML for High-Risk Behaviors with Stevie Chancellor - #472

Operationalizing AI at Dataiku with Conor Jensen - #471

ML Lifecycle Management at Algorithmia with Diego Oppenheimer - #470

End to End ML at Cloudera with Santiago Giraldo - #469 [TWIMLcon Sponsor Series]

ML Platforms for Global Scale at Prosus with Paul van der Boor - #468 [TWIMLcon Sponsor Series]

Can Language Models Be Too Big? 🦜 with Emily Bender and Margaret Mitchell - #467

Applying RL to Real-World Robotics with Abhishek Gupta - #466

Accelerating Innovation with AI at Scale with David Carmona - #465

Complexity and Intelligence with Melanie Mitchell - #464

Robust Visual Reasoning with Adriana Kovashka - #463

Architectural and Organizational Patterns in Machine Learning with Nishan Subedi - #462

Common Sense Reasoning in NLP with Vered Shwartz - #461

How to Be Human in the Age of AI with Ayanna Howard - #460

How to Be Human in the Age of AI with Ayanna Howard - #460

Evolution and Intelligence with Penousal Machado - #459

Innovating Neural Machine Translation with Arul Menezes - #458

Building the Product Knowledge Graph at Amazon with Luna Dong - #457

Towards a Systems-Level Approach to Fair ML with Sarah M. Brown - #456

AI for Digital Health Innovation with Andrew Trister - #455

System Design for Autonomous Vehicles with Drago Anguelov - #454

Building, Adopting, and Maturing LinkedIn's Machine Learning Platform with Ya Xu - #453

Expressive Deep Learning with Magenta DDSP w/ Jesse Engel - #452

Semantic Folding for Natural Language Understanding with Francisco Weber - #451

The Future of Autonomous Systems with Gurdeep Pall - #450

AI for Ecology and Ecosystem Preservation with Bryan Carstens - #449

Off-Line, Off-Policy RL for Real-World Decision Making at Facebook - #448

A Future of Work for the Invisible Workers in A.I. with Saiph Savage - #447

Trends in Graph Machine Learning with Michael Bronstein - #446

Trends in Natural Language Processing with Sameer Singh - #445

Trends in Computer Vision with Pavan Turaga - #444

Trends in Reinforcement Learning with Pablo Samuel Castro - #443

MOReL: Model-Based Offline Reinforcement Learning with Aravind Rajeswaran - #442

Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Enterprise with Charles Isbell - #441

Natural Graph Networks with Taco Cohen - #440

Productionizing Time-Series Workloads at Siemens Energy with Edgar Bahilo Rodriguez - #439

ML Feature Store at Intuit with Srivathsan Canchi - #438

re:Invent Roundup 2020 with Swami Sivasubramanian - #437

Predictive Disease Risk Modeling at 23andMe with Subarna Sinha - #436

Scaling Video AI at RTL with Daan Odijk - #435

Benchmarking ML with MLCommons w/ Peter Mattson - #434

Deep Learning for NLP: From the Trenches with Charlene Chambliss - #433

Feature Stores for Accelerating AI Development - #432

An Exploration of Coded Bias with Shalini Kantayya, Deb Raji and Meredith Broussard - #431

Common Sense as an Algorithmic Framework with Dileep George - #430

Scaling Enterprise ML in 2020: Still Hard! with Sushil Thomas - #429

Enabling Clinical Automation: From Research to Deployment with Devin Singh - #428

Pixels to Concepts with Backpropagation w/ Roland Memisevic - #427

Fighting Global Health Disparities with AI w/ Jon Wang - #426

Accessibility and Computer Vision - #425

NLP for Equity Investing with Frank Zhao - #424

The Future of Education and AI with Salman Khan - #423

Why AI Innovation and Social Impact Go Hand in Hand with Milind Tambe - #422

What's Next for w/ Jeremy Howard - #421

Feature Stores for MLOps with Mike del Balso - #420

Exploring Causality and Community with Suzana Ilić - #419

Decolonizing AI with Shakir Mohamed - #418

Spatial Analysis for Real-Time Video Processing with Adina Trufinescu

How Deep Learning has Revolutionized OCR with Cha Zhang - #416

Machine Learning for Food Delivery at Global Scale - #415

Open Source at Qualcomm AI Research with Jeff Gehlhaar and Zahra Koochak - #414

Visualizing Climate Impact with GANs w/ Sasha Luccioni - #413

ML-Powered Language Learning at Duolingo with Burr Settles - #412

Bridging The Gap Between Machine Learning and the Life Sciences with Artur Yakimovich - #411

Understanding Cultural Style Trends with Computer Vision w/ Kavita Bala - #410

That's a VIBE: ML for Human Pose and Shape Estimation with Nikos Athanasiou, Muhammed Kocabas, Michael Black - #409

3D Deep Learning with PyTorch 3D w/ Georgia Gkioxari - #408

What are the Implications of Algorithmic Thinking? with Michael I. Jordan - #407

Beyond Accuracy: Behavioral Testing of NLP Models with Sameer Singh - #406

How Machine Learning Powers On-Demand Logistics at Doordash with Gary Ren - #405

Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Discipline with Dillon Erb - #404

AI and the Responsible Data Economy with Dawn Song - #403

Relational, Object-Centric Agents for Completing Simulated Household Tasks with Wilka Carvalho - #402

Model Explainability Forum - #401

What NLP Tells Us About COVID-19 and Mental Health with Johannes Eichstaedt - #400

Human-AI Collaboration for Creativity with Devi Parikh - #399

Neural Augmentation for Wireless Communication with Max Welling - #398

Quantum Machine Learning: The Next Frontier? with Iordanis Kerenidis - #397

ML and Epidemiology with Elaine Nsoesie - #396

Language (Technology) Is Power: Exploring the Inherent Complexity of NLP Systems with Hal Daumé III - #395

Graph ML Research at Twitter with Michael Bronstein - #394

Panel: The Great ML Language (Un)Debate! - #393

What the Data Tells Us About COVID-19 with Eric Topol - #392

The Case for Hardware-ML Model Co-design with Diana Marculescu - #391

Computer Vision for Remote AR with Flora Tasse - #390

Deep Learning for Automatic Basketball Video Production with Julian Quiroga - #389

How External Auditing is Changing the Facial Recognition Landscape with Deb Raji - #388

AI for High-Stakes Decision Making with Hima Lakkaraju - #387

Invariance, Geometry and Deep Neural Networks with Pavan Turaga - #386

Channel Gating for Cheaper and More Accurate Neural Nets with Babak Ehteshami Bejnordi - #385

Machine Learning Commerce at Square with Marsal Gavalda - #384

Cell Exploration with ML at the Allen Institute w/ Jianxu Chen - #383

Neural Arithmetic Units & Experiences as an Independent ML Researcher with Andreas Madsen - #382

2020: A Critical Inflection Point for Responsible AI with Rumman Chowdhury - #381

Panel: Advancing Your Data Science Career During the Pandemic - #380

On George Floyd, Empathy, and the Road Ahead

Engineering a Less Artificial Intelligence with Andreas Tolias - #379

Rethinking Model Size: Train Large, Then Compress with Joseph Gonzalez - #378

The Physics of Data with Alpha Lee - #377

Is Linguistics Missing from NLP Research? w/ Emily M. Bender - #376 🦜

Disrupting DeepFakes: Adversarial Attacks Against Conditional Image Translation Networks with Nataniel Ruiz - #375

Understanding the COVID-19 Data Quality Problem with Sherri Rose - #374

The Whys and Hows of Managing Machine Learning Artifacts with Lukas Biewald - #373

Language Modeling and Protein Generation at Salesforce with Richard Socher - #372

AI Research at JPMorgan Chase with Manuela Veloso - #371

Panel: Responsible Data Science in the Fight Against COVID-19 - #370

Adversarial Examples Are Not Bugs, They Are Features with Aleksander Madry - #369

AI for Social Good: Why "Good" isn't Enough with Ben Green - #368

The Evolution of Evolutionary AI with Risto Miikkulainen - #367

Neural Architecture Search and Google’s New AutoML Zero with Quoc Le - #366

Automating Electronic Circuit Design with Deep RL w/ Karim Beguir - #365

Neural Ordinary Differential Equations with David Duvenaud - #364

The Measure and Mismeasure of Fairness with Sharad Goel - #363

Simulating the Future of Traffic with RL w/ Cathy Wu - #362

Consciousness and COVID-19 with Yoshua Bengio - #361

Geometry-Aware Neural Rendering with Josh Tobin - #360

The Third Wave of Robotic Learning with Ken Goldberg - #359

Learning Visiolinguistic Representations with ViLBERT w/ Stefan Lee - #358

Upside-Down Reinforcement Learning with Jürgen Schmidhuber - #357

SLIDE: Smart Algorithms over Hardware Acceleration for Large-Scale Deep Learning with Beidi Chen - #356

Advancements in Machine Learning with Sergey Levine - #355

Secrets of a Kaggle Grandmaster with David Odaibo - #354

NLP for Mapping Physics Research with Matteo Chinazzi - #353

Metric Elicitation and Robust Distributed Learning with Sanmi Koyejo - #352

High-Dimensional Robust Statistics with Ilias Diakonikolas - #351

How AI Predicted the Coronavirus Outbreak with Kamran Khan - #350

Turning Ideas into ML Powered Products with Emmanuel Ameisen - #349

Algorithmic Injustices and Relational Ethics with Abeba Birhane - #348

AI for Agriculture and Global Food Security with Nemo Semret - #347

Practical Differential Privacy at LinkedIn with Ryan Rogers - #346

Networking Optimizations for Multi-Node Deep Learning on Kubernetes with Erez Cohen - #345

Managing Research Needs at the University of Michigan using Kubernetes w/ Bob Killen - #344

Scalable and Maintainable Workflows at Lyft with Flyte w/ Haytham AbuelFutuh and Ketan Umare - #343

Causality 101 with Robert Osazuwa Ness - #342

PaccMann^RL: Designing Anticancer Drugs with Reinforcement Learning w/ Jannis Born - #341

Social Intelligence with Blaise Aguera y Arcas - #340

Music & AI Plus a Geometric Perspective on Reinforcement Learning with Pablo Samuel Castro - #339

Trends in Computer Vision with Amir Zamir - #338

Trends in Natural Language Processing with Nasrin Mostafazadeh - #337

Trends in Fairness and AI Ethics with Timnit Gebru - #336

Trends in Reinforcement Learning with Chelsea Finn - #335

Trends in Machine Learning & Deep Learning with Zack Lipton - #334

FaciesNet & Machine Learning Applications in Energy with Mohamed Sidahmed - #333

Machine Learning: A New Approach to Drug Discovery with Daphne Koller - #332

Sensory Prediction Error Signals in the Neocortex with Blake Richards - #331

How to Know with Celeste Kidd - #330

Using Deep Learning to Predict Wildfires with Feng Yan - #329

Advancing Machine Learning at Capital One with Dave Castillo - #328

Helping Fish Farmers Feed the World with Deep Learning w/ Bryton Shang - #327

Metaflow, a Human-Centric Framework for Data Science with Ville Tuulos - #326

Single Headed Attention RNN: Stop Thinking With Your Head with Stephen Merity - #325

Automated Model Tuning with SigOpt - #324

Automated Machine Learning with Erez Barak - #323

Responsible AI in Practice with Sarah Bird - #322

Enterprise Readiness, MLOps and Lifecycle Management with Jordan Edwards - #321

DevOps for ML with Dotscience - #320

Building an Autonomous Knowledge Graph with Mike Tung - #319

The Next Generation of Self-Driving Engineers with Aaron Ma - Talk #318

Spiking Neural Networks: A Primer with Terrence Sejnowski - #317

Bridging the Patient-Physician Gap with ML and Expert Systems w/ Xavier Amatriain - #316

What Does it Mean for a Machine to "Understand"? with Thomas Dietterich - #315

Scaling TensorFlow at LinkedIn with Jonathan Hung - #314

Machine Learning at GitHub with Omoju Miller - #313

Using AI to Diagnose and Treat Neurological Disorders with Archana Venkataraman - #312

Deep Learning for Earthquake Aftershock Patterns with Phoebe DeVries & Brendan Meade - #311

Live from TWIMLcon! Operationalizing Responsible AI - #310

Live from TWIMLcon! Scaling ML in the Traditional Enterprise - #309

Live from TWIMLcon! Culture & Organization for Effective ML at Scale (Panel) - #308

Live from TWIMLcon! Use-Case Driven ML Platforms with Franziska Bell - #307

Live from TWIMLcon! Operationalizing ML at Scale with Hussein Mehanna - #306

Live from TWIMLcon! Encoding Company Culture in Applied AI Systems - #305

Live from TWIMLcon! Overcoming the Barriers to Deep Learning in Production with Andrew Ng - #304

The Future of Mixed-Autonomy Traffic with Alexandre Bayen - #303

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Logistics at Instadeep with Karim Beguir - #302

Deep Learning with Structured Data w/ Mark Ryan - #301

Time Series Clustering for Monitoring Fueling Infrastructure Performance with Kalai Ramea - #300

Swarm AI for Event Outcome Prediction with Gregg Willcox - TWIML Talk #299

Rebooting AI: What's Missing, What's Next with Gary Marcus - TWIML Talk #298

DeepQB: Deep Learning to Quantify Quarterback Decision-Making with Brian Burke - TWIML Talk #297

Measuring Performance Under Pressure Using ML with Lotte Bransen - TWIML Talk #296

Managing Deep Learning Experiments with Lukas Biewald - TWIML Talk #295

Re-Architecting Data Science at iRobot with Angela Bassa - TWIML Talk #294

Disentangled Representations & Google Research Football with Olivier Bachem - TWIML Talk #293

Neural Network Quantization and Compression with Tijmen Blankevoort - TWIML Talk #292

Identifying New Materials with NLP with Anubhav Jain - TWIML Talk #291

The Problem with Black Boxes with Cynthia Rudin - TWIML Talk #290

Human-Robot Interaction and Empathy with Kate Darling - TWIML Talk #289

Automated ML for RNA Design with Danny Stoll - TWIML Talk #288

Developing a brain atlas using deep learning with Theofanis Karayannis - TWIML Talk #287

Environmental Impact of Large-Scale NLP Model Training with Emma Strubell - TWIML Talk #286

“Fairwashing” and the Folly of ML Solutionism with Zachary Lipton - TWIML Talk #285

Retinal Image Generation for Disease Discovery with Stephen Odaibo - TWIML Talk #284

Real world model explainability with Rayid Ghani - TWiML Talk #283

Inspiring New Machine Learning Platforms w/ Bioelectric Computation with Michael Levin - TWiML Talk #282

Simulation and Synthetic Data for Computer Vision with Batu Arisoy - TWiML Talk #281

Spiking Neural Nets and ML as a Systems Challenge with Jeff Gehlhaar - TWIML Talk #280

Transforming Oil & Gas with AI with Adi Bhashyam and Daniel Jeavons - TWIML Talk #279

Fast Radio Burst Pulse Detection with Gerry Zhang - TWIML Talk #278

Tracking CO2 Emissions with Machine Learning with Laurence Watson - TWIML Talk #277

Topic Modeling for Customer Insights at USAA with William Fehlman - TWIML Talk #276

Phronesis of AI in Radiology with Judy Gichoya - TWIML Talk #275

The Ethics of AI-Enabled Surveillance with Karen Levy - TWIML Talk #274

Supporting Rapid Model Development at Two Sigma with Matt Adereth & Scott Clark - TWIML Talk #273

Scaling Model Training with Kubernetes at Stripe with Kelley Rivoire - TWIML Talk #272

Productizing ML at Scale at Twitter with Yi Zhuang - TWIML Talk #271

Snorkel: A System for Fast Training Data Creation with Alex Ratner - TWiML Talk #270

Advancing Autonomous Vehicle Development Using Distributed Deep Learning with Adrien Gaidon - TWiML Talk #269

Are We Being Honest About How Difficult AI Really Is? w/ David Ferrucci - TWiML Talk #268

Gauge Equivariant CNNs, Generative Models, and the Future of AI with Max Welling - TWiML Talk #267

Can We Trust Scientific Discoveries Made Using Machine Learning? with Genevera Allen - TWiML Talk #266

Creative Adversarial Networks for Art Generation with Ahmed Elgammal - TWiML Talk #265

Diagnostic Visualization for Machine Learning with YellowBrick w/ Rebecca Bilbro - TWiML Talk #264

Librosa: Audio and Music Processing in Python with Brian McFee - TWiML Talk #263

Practical Natural Language Processing with spaCy and Prodigy w/ Ines Montani - TWiML Talk #262

Scaling Jupyter Notebooks with Luciano Resende - TWiML Talk #261

Fighting Fake News and Deep Fakes with Machine Learning w/ Delip Rao - TWiML Talk #260

Maintaining Human Control of Artificial Intelligence with Joanna Bryson - TWiML Talk #259

Intelligent Infrastructure Management with Pankaj Goyal & Rochna Dhand - TWiML Talk #258

Organizing for Successful Data Science at Stitch Fix with Eric Colson - TWiML Talk #257

End-to-End Data Science to Drive Business Decisions at LinkedIn with Burcu Baran - TWiML Talk #256

Learning with Limited Labeled Data with Shioulin Sam - TWiML Talk #255

cuDF, cuML & RAPIDS: GPU Accelerated Data Science with Paul Mahler - TWiML Talk #254

Edge AI for Smart Manufacturing with Trista Chen - TWiML Talk #253

Machine Learning for Security and Security for Machine Learning with Nicole Nichols - TWiML Talk #252

Domain Adaptation and Generative Models for Single Cell Genomics with Gerald Quon - TWiML Talk #251

Mapping Dark Matter with Bayesian Neural Networks w/ Yashar Hezaveh - TWiML Talk #250

Deep Learning for Population Genetic Inference with Dan Schrider - TWiML Talk #249

Empathy in AI with Rob Walker - TWiML Talk #248

Benchmarking Custom Computer Vision Services at Urban Outfitters with Tom Szumowski - TWiML Talk #247

Pragmatic Quantum Machine Learning with Peter Wittek - TWiML Talk #245

*Bonus Episode* A Quantum Machine Learning Algorithm Takedown with Ewin Tang - TWiML Talk #246

Supporting TensorFlow at Airbnb with Alfredo Luque - TWiML Talk #244

Mining the Vatican Secret Archives with TensorFlow w/ Elena Nieddu - TWiML Talk #243

Exploring TensorFlow 2.0 with Paige Bailey - TWiML Talk #242

Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Data Science with Andrew Trask - TWiML Talk #241

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Forget Gate with Jos Van Der Westhuizen - TWiML Talk #240

Building a Recommendation Agent for The North Face with Andrew Guldman - TWiML Talk #239

Active Learning for Materials Design with Kevin Tran - TWiML Talk #238

Deep Learning in Optics with Aydogan Ozcan - TWiML Talk #237

Scaling Machine Learning on Graphs at LinkedIn with Hema Raghavan and Scott Meyer - TWiML Talk #236

Safer Exploration in Deep Reinforcement Learning using Action Priors with Sicelukwanda Zwane - TWiML Talk #235

Dissecting the Controversy around OpenAI's New Language Model - TWiML Talk #234

Human-Centered Design with Mira Lane - TWiML Talk #233

Fairness in Machine Learning with Hanna Wallach - TWiML Talk #232

AI for Healthcare with Peter Lee - TWiML Talk #231

An Optimized Recurrent Unit for Ultra-Low Power Acoustic Event Detection with Justice Amoh Jr. - TWiML Talk #230

Pathologies of Neural Models and Interpretability with Alvin Grissom II - TWiML Talk #229

AI for Earth with Lucas Joppa - TWiML Talk #228

AI for Accessibility with Wendy Chisholm - TWiML Talk #227

AI for Humanitarian Action with Justin Spelhaug - TWiML Talk #226

Teaching AI to Preschoolers with Randi Williams - TWiML Talk #225

Holistic Optimization of the LinkedIn News Feed - TWiML Talk #224

AI at the Edge at Qualcomm with Gary Brotman - TWiML Talk #223

AI Innovation at CES - TWiML Talk #222

Self-Tuning Services via Real-Time Machine Learning with Vladimir Bychkovsky - TWiML Talk #221

Building a Recommender System from Scratch at 20th Century Fox with JJ Espinoza - TWiML Talk #220

Legal and Policy Implications of Model Interpretability with Solon Barocas - TWiML Talk #219

Trends in Computer Vision with Siddha Ganju - TWiML Talk #218

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Trends in Natural Language Processing with Sebastian Ruder - TWiML Talk #216

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Trends in Deep Learning with Jeremy Howard - TWiML Talk #214

Training Large-Scale Deep Nets with RL with Nando de Freitas - TWiML Talk #213

Making Algorithms Trustworthy with David Spiegelhalter - TWiML Talk #212

Designing Computer Systems for Software with Kunle Olukotun - TWiML Talk #211

Operationalizing Ethical AI with Kathryn Hume - TWiML Talk #210

Approaches to Fairness in Machine Learning with Richard Zemel - TWiML Talk #209

Trust and AI with Parinaz Sobhani - TWiML Talk #208

Unbiased Learning from Biased User Feedback with Thorsten Joachims - TWiML Talk #207

Language Parsing and Character Mining with Jinho Choi - TWiML Talk #206

re:Invent Roundup Roundtable 2018 with Dave McCrory and Val Bercovici - TWiML Talk #205

Knowledge Graphs and Expert Augmentation with Marisa Boston - TWiML Talk #204

ML/DL for Non-Stationary Time Series Analysis in Financial Markets and Beyond with Stuart Reid - TWiML Talk #203

Industrializing Machine Learning at Shell with Daniel Jeavons - TWiML Talk #202

Resurrecting a Recommendations Platform at Comcast with Leemay Nassery - TWiML Talk #201

Productive Machine Learning at LinkedIn with Bee-Chung Chen - TWiML Talk #200

Scaling Deep Learning on Kubernetes at OpenAI with Christopher Berner - TWiML Talk #199

Bighead: Airbnb's Machine Learning Platform with Atul Kale - TWiML Talk #198

Facebook's FBLearner Platform with Aditya Kalro - TWiML Talk #197

Geometric Statistics in Machine Learning w/ geomstats with Nina Miolane - TWiML Talk #196

Milestones in Neural Natural Language Processing with Sebastian Ruder - TWiML Talk #195

Natural Language Processing at StockTwits with Garrett Hoffman - TWiML Talk #194

Advanced Reinforcement Learning & Data Science for Social Impact with Vukosi Marivate - TWiML Talk #193

AI Ethics, Strategic Decisioning and Game Theory with Osonde Osoba - TWiML Talk #192

Acoustic Word Embeddings for Low Resource Speech Processing with Herman Kamper - TWiML Talk #191

Learning Representations for Visual Search with Naila Murray - TWiML Talk #190

Evaluating Model Explainability Methods with Sara Hooker - TWiML Talk #189

Graph Analytic Systems with Zachary Hanif - TWiML Talk #188

Diversification in Recommender Systems with Ahsan Ashraf - TWiML Talk #187

The Fastai v1 Deep Learning Framework with Jeremy Howard - TWiML Talk #186

Federated ML for Edge Applications with Justin Norman - TWiML Talk #185

Exploring Dark Energy & Star Formation w/ ML with Viviana Acquaviva - TWiML Talk #184

Document Vectors in the Wild with James Dreiss - TWiML Talk #183

Applied Machine Learning for Publishers with Naveed Ahmad - TWiML Talk #182

Anticipating Superintelligence with Nick Bostrom - TWiML Talk #181

Can We Train an AI to Understand Body Language? with Hanbyul Joo - TWIML Talk #180

Biological Particle Identification and Tracking with Jay Newby - TWiML Talk #179

AI for Content Creation with Debajyoti Ray - TWiML Talk #178

Deep Reinforcement Learning Primer and Research Frontiers with Kamyar Azizzadenesheli - TWiML Talk #177

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How ML Keeps Shelves Stocked at Home Depot with Pat Woowong - TWiML Talk #175

Contextual Modeling for Language and Vision with Nasrin Mostafazadeh - TWiML Talk #174

ML for Understanding Satellite Imagery at Scale with Kyle Story - TWiML Talk #173

Generating Ground-Level Images From Overhead Imagery Using GANs with Yi Zhu - TWiML Talk #172

Vision Systems for Planetary Landers and Drones with Larry Matthies - TWiML Talk #171

Learning Semantically Meaningful and Actionable Representations with Ashutosh Saxena - TWiML Talk #170

AI Innovation for Clinical Decision Support with Joe Connor - TWiML Talk #169

Dynamic Visual Localization and Segmentation with Laura Leal-Taixé -TWiML Talk #168

Conversational AI for the Intelligent Workplace with Gillian McCann - TWiML Talk #167

Computer Vision and Intelligent Agents for Wildlife Conservation with Jason Holmberg - TWiML Talk #166

Pragmatic Deep Learning for Medical Imagery with Prashant Warier - TWiML Talk #165

Taskonomy: Disentangling Transfer Learning for Perception (CVPR 2018 Best Paper Winner) with Amir Zamir - TWiML Talk #164

Predicting Metabolic Pathway Dynamics w/ Machine Learning with Zak Costello - TWiML Talk #163

Machine Learning to Discover Physics and Engineering Principles with Nathan Kutz - TWiML Talk #162

Automating Complex Internal Processes w/ AI with Alexander Chukovski - TWiML Talk #161

Designing Better Sequence Models with RNNs with Adji Bousso Dieng - TWiML Talk #160

Love Love: AI and ML in Tennis with Stephanie Kovalchik - TWiML Talk #159

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Fine-Grained Player Prediction in Sports with Jennifer Hobbs - TWiML Talk #157

Targeted Ticket Sales Using Azure ML with the Trail Blazers w/ Mike Schumacher & Chenhui Hu - TWiML Talk #156

AI for Athlete Optimization with Sinead Flahive - TWiML Talk #155

Omni-Channel Customer Experiences with Vince Jeffs - TWiML Talk #154

Workforce Intelligence for Automation & Productivity with Michael Kempe - TWiML Talk #153

Data Platforms for Decision Automation at Scotiabank with Jim Saleh - TWiML Talk #152

Towards the Self-Driving Enterprise with Kirk Borne - TWiML Talk #151

How a Global Energy Company Adopts ML & AI with Nicholas Osborn - TWiML Talk #150

Problem Formulation for Machine Learning with Romer Rosales - TWiML Talk #149

AI for Materials Discovery with Greg Mulholland - TWiML Talk #148

Data Innovation & AI at Capital One with Adam Wenchel - TWiML Talk #147

Deep Gradient Compression for Distributed Training with Song Han - TWiML Talk #146

Masked Autoregressive Flow for Density Estimation with George Papamakarios - TWiML Talk #145

Training Data for Computer Vision at Figure Eight with Qazaleh Mirsharif - TWiML Talk #144

Agile Data Science with Sarah Aerni - TWiML Talk #143

Tensor Operations for Machine Learning with Anima Anandkumar - TWiML Talk #142

Deep Learning for Live-Cell Imaging with David Van Valen - TWiML Talk #141

Checking in with the Master w/ Garry Kasparov - TWiML Talk #140

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Kinds of Intelligence w/ Jose Hernandez-Orallo - TWiML Talk #137

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Scalable Differential Privacy for Deep Learning with Nicolas Papernot - TWiML Talk #134

Differential Privacy at Bluecore with Zahi Karam - TWiML Talk #133

Differential Privacy Theory & Practice with Aaron Roth - TWiML Talk #132

Optimal Transport and Machine Learning with Marco Cuturi - TWiML Talk #131

Collecting and Annotating Data for AI with Kiran Vajapey - TWiML Talk #130

Autonomous Aerial Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems with Christopher Lum - TWiML Talk #129

Infrastructure for Autonomous Vehicles with Missy Cummings - TWiML Talk #128

Hyper-Personalizing the Customer Experience w/ AI with Rob Walker - TWiML Talk #127

Information Extraction from Natural Document Formats with David Rosenberg - TWiML Talk #126

Human-in-the-Loop AI for Emergency Response & More w/ Robert Munro - TWiML Talk #125

Systems and Software for Machine Learning at Scale with Jeff Dean - TWiML Talk #124

Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds with Lyne Tchapmi - TWiML Talk #123

Predicting Cardiovascular Risk Factors from Eye Images with Ryan Poplin - TWiML Talk #122

Reproducibility and the Philosophy of Data with Clare Gollnick - TWiML Talk #121

Surveying the Connected Car Landscape with GK Senthil - TWiML Talk #120

Adversarial Attacks Against Reinforcement Learning Agents with Ian Goodfellow & Sandy Huang

Towards Abstract Robotic Understanding with Raja Chatila - TWiML Talk #118

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Learning Active Learning with Ksenia Konyushkova - TWiML Talk #116

Machine Learning Platforms at Uber with Mike Del Balso - TWiML Talk #115

Inverse Programming for Deeper AI with Zenna Tavares - TWiML Talk #114

Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence with Sriraam Natarajan - TWiML Talk #113

Classical Machine Learning for Infant Medical Diagnosis with Charles Onu - TWiML Talk #112

Learning "Common Sense" and Physical Concepts with Roland Memisevic - TWiML Talk #111

Trust in Human-Robot/AI Interactions with Ayanna Howard - TWiML Talk #110

Data Science for Poaching Prevention and Disease Treatment with Nyalleng Moorosi - TWiML Talk #109

Security and Safety in AI: Adversarial Examples, Bias and Trust w/ Moustapha Cissé - TWiML Talk #108

Peering into the Home w/'s Wifi Motion Analytics - TWiML Talk #107

Physiology-Based Models for Fitness and Training w/ Firstbeat with Ilkka Korhonen - TWiML Talk #106

Machine Learning for Signal Processing Applications w/ Stuart Feffer & Brady Tsai - TWiML Talk #105

Personalizing the Ferrari Challenge Experience w/ Intel AI - TWiML Talk #104

Deep Learning for 3D Sensors and Cameras in Lighthouse with Alex Teichman - TWiML Talk #103

Computer Vision for Cozmo, the Cutest Toy Robot Everrrrr! with Andrew Stein - TWiML Talk #102

Expectation Maximization, Gaussian Mixtures & Belief Propagation, OH MY! w/ Inmar Givoni - Talk #101

A Linear-Time Kernel Goodness-of-Fit Test - NIPS Best Paper '17 - TWiML Talk #100

Solving Imperfect-Information Games with Tuomas Sandholm - NIPS ’17 Best Paper - TWiML Talk #99

Separating Vocals in Recorded Music at Spotify with Eric Humphrey - TWiML Talk #98

Accelerating Deep Learning with Mixed Precision Arithmetic with Greg Diamos - TWiML Talk #97

Composing Graphical Models With Neural Networks with David Duvenaud - TWiML Talk #96

Embedded Deep Learning at Deep Vision with Siddha Ganju - TWiML Talk #95

Neuroevolution: Evolving Novel Neural Network Architectures with Kenneth Stanley - TWiML Talk #94

A Quantum Computing Primer and Implications for AI with Davide Venturelli - TWiML Talk #93

Learning State Representations with Yael Niv - TWiML Talk #92

Philosophy of Intelligence with Matthew Crosby - TWiML Talk #91

Geometric Deep Learning with Joan Bruna & Michael Bronstein - TWiML Talk #90

AI at the NASA Frontier Development Lab with Sara Jennings, Timothy Seabrook and Andres Rodriguez

Using Deep Learning and Google Street View to Estimate Demographics with Timnit Gebru

Integrative Learning for Robotic Systems with Aaron Ames - TWiML Talk #87

Visual Recognition in the Cloud for Law Enforcement with Chris Adzima - TWiML Talk #86

Embodied Visual Learning with Kristen Grauman - TWiML Talk #85

Real-Time Machine Learning in the Database with Nikita Shamgunov - TWiML Talk #84

re:Invent Roundup Roundtable - TWiML Talk # 83

Driving Customer Loyalty with Predictive and Conversational AI with Sherif Mityas - TWiML Talk #82

Innovation Factories for AI in FInancial Services with Thierry Derungs - TWiML Talk #81

Block-Sparse Kernels for Deep Neural Networks with Durk Kingma - TWiML Talk #80

AI for Customer Service and Marketing at Aeromexico with Brian Gross - TWiML Talk #79

Scaling AI for the Enterprise with Mazin Gilbert - TWiML Talk #78

Scalable Distributed Deep Learning with Hillery Hunter - TWiML Talk #77

Robotics at OpenAI with Jonas Schneider - TWiML Talk #76

AI Robustness and Safety with Dario Amodei - TWiML Talk #75

Towards Artificial General Intelligence with Greg Brockman - TWiML Talk #74

Explaining Black Box Predictions with Sam Ritchie - TWiML Talk #73

Experimental Creative Writing with the Vectorized Word - Allison Parish - TWIML Talk #72

The Biological Path Towards Strong AI - Matthew Taylor - TWiML Talk #71

Pytorch: Fast Differentiable Dynamic Graphs in Python with Soumith Chintala - TWiML Talk #70

Accessible Machine Learning for the Enterprise Developer with Ryan Sevey & Jason Montgomery

Bridging the Gap Between Academic and Industry Careers with Ross Fadely - TWiML Talk #68

The Limitations of Human-in-the-Loop AI with Dennis Mortensen - TWiML Talk #67

Nexus Lab Cohort 2 - Second Mind - TWiML Talk #66

Nexus Lab Cohort 2 - - TWiML Talk #65

Nexus Lab Cohort 2 - Bowtie - TWiML Talk #64

AI Nexus Lab Cohort 2 - Mt. Cleverest - TWiML Talk #63

Learning to Learn, and other Opportunities in Machine Learning with Graham Taylor - TWiML Talk #62

Building Conversational Application for Financial Services with Kenneth Conroy - TWiML Talk #61

Fighting Fraud with Machine Learning at Shopify with Solmaz Shahalizadeh - TWiML Talk #60

Modeling Human Drivers for Autonomous Vehicles with Katie Driggs-Campbell - TWiML Talk #59

Perception Models for Self-Driving Cars with Jianxiong Xiao - TWiML Talk #58

Training Data for Autonomous Vehicles - Daryn Nakhuda - TWiML Talk #57

Human Factors in Machine Intelligence with James Guszcza - TWiML Talk #56

Intel Nervana Devcloud with Naveen Rao & Scott Apeland - TWiML Talk #51

ML Use Cases at Think Big Analytics with Mo Patel and Laura Frølich - TWiML Talk #54

AI-Powered Conversational Interfaces with Paul Tepper - TWiML Talk #52

Ray: A Distributed Computing Platform for Reinforcement Learning with Ion Stoica - TWiML Talk #55

Topological Data Analysis with Gunnar Carlsson - TWiML Talk #53

Bayesian Optimization for Hyperparameter Tuning with Scott Clark - TWiML Talk #50

Symbolic and Sub-Symbolic Natural Language Processing with Jonathan Mugan - TWiML Talk #49

Word2Vec & Friends with Bruno Gonçalves - TWiML Talk #48

Evolutionary Algorithms in Machine Learning with Risto Miikkulainen - TWiML Talk #47

Agile Machine Learning with Jennifer Prendki - TWiML Talk #46

LSTMs, Plus a Deep Learning History Lesson with Jürgen Schmidhuber - TWiML Talk #44

Machine Teaching for Better Machine Learning with Mark Hammond - TWiML Talk #43

Marrying Physics-Based and Data-Driven ML Models with Josh Bloom - TWiML Talk #42

Data Pipelines at Zymergen with Airflow with Erin Shellman - TWiML Talk #41

Cognitive Biases in Data Science with Drew Conway - TWiML Talk #39

Web Scale Engineering for Machine Learning with Sharath Rao - TWiML Talk #40

Deep Learning for Warehouse Operations with Calvin Seward - TWiML Talk #38

Deep Robotic Learning with Sergey Levine - TWiML Talk #37

Smart Buildings & IoT with Yodit Stanton - TWiML Talk #36

Expressive AI - Generated Music With Google's Performance RNN - Doug Eck - TWiML Talk #32

Intel Nervana Update + Productizing AI Research with Naveen Rao And Hanlin Tang - TWiML Talk #31

Enhancing Customer Experiences With Emotional AI with Rana El Kaliouby - TWiML Talk #35

The Power Of Probabilistic Programming with Ben Vigoda - TWiML Talk #33

Video Object Detection At Scale with Reza Zadeh - TWiML Talk #34

Natural Language Understanding for Amazon Alexa with Zornitsa Kozareva - TWiML Talk #30

Robotic Perception and Control with Chelsea Finn - TWiML Talk #29

Reinforcement Learning Deep Dive with Pieter Abbeel - TWiML Talk #28

Intelligent Autonomous Robots with Ilia Baranov - TWiML Talk #27

Global AI Trends with Ben Lorica - TWiML Talk #26

Offensive vs Defensive Data Science with Deep Varma - TWiML Talk #25

Reinforcement Learning: The Next Frontier of Gaming with Danny Lange - TWiML Talk #24

Integrating Psycholinguistics into AI with Dominique Simmons - TWiML Talk #23

Deep Neural Nets for Visual Recognition with Matt Zeiler - TWiML Talk #22

Engineering the Future of AI with Ruchir Puri - TWiML Talk #21

Selling AI to the Enterprise with Kathryn Hume - TWiML Talk #20

From Particle Physics to Audio AI with Scott Stephenson - TWiML Talk #19

(5/5) AlphaVertex - Creating a Worldwide Financial Knowledge Graph - TWiML Talk #18

(4/5) - Increasing Efficiency of Healthcare Insurance Billing with NLP - TWiML Talk #18

(3/5) Cambrian Intelligence - Using AI to Simplify the Programming of Robots - TWiML Talk #18

(2/5) Klustera - Location-Based Intelligence for Smarter Marketing - TWiML Talk #18

(1/5) HelloVera - AI-Powered Customer Support - TWiML Talk #18

Interactive Machine Learning Systems with Alekh Agarwal - TWiML Talk #17

Machine Learning in Cybersecurity with Evan Wright - TWiML Talk #16

Domain Knowledge in Machine Learning Models for Sustainability with Stefano Ermon - TWiML Talk #15

Scaling Deep Learning: Systems Challenges & More with Shubho Sengupta — TWiML Talk #14

Understanding Deep Neural Nets with Dr. James McCaffrey - TWiML Talk #13

Brendan Frey - Reprogramming the Human Genome with AI - TWiML Talk #12

Hilary Mason - Building AI Products - TWiML Talk #11

Francisco Webber - Statistics vs Semantics for Natural Language Processing - TWiML Talk #10

Pascale Fung - Emotional AI: Teaching Computers Empathy - TWiML Talk #9

Diogo Almeida - Deep Learning: Modular in Theory, Inflexible in Practice - TWiML Talk #8

Carlos Guestrin - Explaining the Predictions of Machine Learning Models - TWiML Talk #7

Angie Hugeback - Generating Training Data for Your ML Models - TWiML Talk #6

Joshua Bloom - Machine Learning for the Stars & Productizing AI - TWiML Talk #5

Charles Isbell - Interactive AI, Plus Improving ML Education - TWiML Talk #4

Xavier Amatriain - Engineering Practical Machine Learning Systems - TWiML Talk #3

Siraj Raval - How to Build Confidence as an ML Developer - TWiML Talk #2

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