S23:E6 - From Site Reliability Engineer to Principal Software Engineer (Alice Goldfuss)

S23:E5 - Going from Ministry to Tech (Kyle Shevlin)

S23:E4 - Practical A/B Testing (Leemay Nassery)

S23:E3 - Saying Yes to Opportunities (Frankie Nicoletti)

S23:E2 - Having a Growth Mindset (Tanya Reilly)

S23:E1 - Psychological Safety in Tech (Taylor Poindexter)

S22:E9 - Coding Bootcamps & Coding Journeys (Mark Thompson)

S22:E8 - From Opera to Code (Anna McDougall)

S22:E7 - Starting out in Open Source (Brian Douglas)

S22:E6 - Technical writing (Philip Kiely)

S22:E5 - Bonus: How should we handle failure? (Compiler)

S22:E4 - Showing up in tech (Jason Lengstorf)

S22:E3 - Demonstrating curiosity kindly with Matt Newkirk (Matt Newkirk)

S22:E2 - Building the bridge across the tech gap (Michelle Glauser)

S22:E1 - The new wave of frontend developer tools are on their way (Chris Ferdinandi)

S21:E8 - How to get into Web3 development (Nader Dabit)

S21:E7 - What does it mean to be a part of the software development life cycle (Cliff Craig)

S21:E6 - What it looks like to be an apprentice engineer at Pinterest (Alison Quaglia)

S21:E5 - What is the Metaverse and what does it look like to build for it (Daniel Liebeskind)

S21:E4 - What is SQL and why you should learn it (Sia Seko)

S21:E3 - Why learning good documentation skills is so important for leveling up (Eddie Hinkle)

S21:E2 - What your bootcamp isn't teaching you (Caitlyn Greffly)

S21:E1 - What it looks like to be an AR/VR engineer (Luca Mefisto)

S20:E8 - How to be a successful solopreneur (Jennifer Yip)

S20:E7 - What we can all learn from the experience of being a neurodivergent developer (Alex Karp)

S20:E6 - How to create successful mobile games (Bria Sullivan)

S20:E5 - What are some fundamentals of machine learning and AI (Oscar Beijbom)

S20:E4 - How to transition from the arts into a career in tech (Jessica Wilkins)

S20:E3 - How to think like a CTO (Joel Beasley)

S20:E2 - What you need to be prepared for any job interview (Randall Kanna)

S20:E1 - Where you can find quality live coding instruction online (Leon Noel)

S19:E8 - How being demoted could be the right career move (Kristina Lustig)

S19:E7 - How freeCodeCamp has evolved over time (Quincy Larson)

S19:E6 - How to make learning databases fun and approachable ( Joe Karlsson)

S19:E5 - What are some common mistakes people make when learning to code (Ceora Ford)

S19:E4 - What does WordPress development look like (Ebonie Butler)

S19:E3 - Why Python is still one of the most popular coding languages (Meredydd Luff)

S19:E2 - How to learn Swift and get into iOS development (Marc Aupont)

S19:E1 - What are the benefits of learning in public (Gift Egwuenu)

S18:E9 - DevNews: Potential Effects of a Cyberwar Between Russia and Ukraine, a Coding Bootcamp Stands Strong In Afghanistan, and More (Josh Puetz, Jamshid Hashimi, Hector X. Monsegur)

S18:E8 - How to use different memory techniques to learn coding (Kylo Robinson)

S18:E7 - How a coding background can give you an edge in product management (Shruti Anand)

S18:E6 - How you can use music to learn code (Sam Aaron)

S18:E5 - How military veterans can translate their skills to tech (iAsia Brown)

S18:E4 - How to make sense of the testing landscape (Sergei Egorov)

S18:E3 - How you develop a CI/CD workflow (Victoria Lo)

S18:E2 - What are some essential skills you’ll need to be successful on your coding journey (Fernando Doglio)

S18:E1 - What are SVGs and when should you use them (Christina Gorton)

S17:E9 - What are some database architectures and their use cases (Kyle Bernhardy)

S17:E8 - What's in store for CodeLand 2021 (Ben Halpern)

S17:E7 - When and how might you want to use different clouds (Erica Windisch)

S17:E6 - How to transition into development after over a decade in your field (Christine Fletcher)

S17:E5 - What is AWS and how you become a cloud engineer (Hiroko Nishimura)

S17:E4 - How to find a mentor and be a successful manager (Tanaka Mutakwa)

S17:E3 - How to do remote work well (Kara Luton)

S17:E2 - DevNews: Inside the Gpt-3-Powered Chatbot That Someone Used to Talk to Their Fiancé Who Passed (Jason Rohrer)

S17:E1 - What is Linux and when is it right for you? (Courtney Wilburn)

S16:E8 - What you should know about frontend development ( Laurie Barth)

S16:E7 - How you can build communities for love and profit (Veni Kunche)

S16:E6 - What failing technical interviews can teach you ( Farhana Mustafa)

S16:E5 - What are the quirks that come with being a developer ( Tyler Hawkins)

S16:E4 - Which back-end should I use as a front-end developer ( Lee Robinson)

S16:E3 - How to create content and build communities ( Cassidy Williams)

S16:E2 - What is creative coding and generative art ( Varun Vachhar)

S16:E1 - What it’s like to break into tech as a mother (Arit Amana)

S15:E10 - DevNews: Platforms as Utilities, Archiving Yahoo Answers, and Companies Rescinding Accepted Offers (Josh Puetz, Nikolas Guggenberger, Jason Scott)

S15:E9 - What it looks like when you start coding very early in life (Opemipo Disu)

S15:E8 - What good soft skills look like (Ben Halpern, Kristen Palana, Liana Felt)

S15:E7 - How to communicate complex technical topics (Anna Skoulikari)

S15:E6 - What is cryptography and how to get into it ( Marcus Carey)

S15:E5 - What you need to know about APIs (Sue Smith)

S15:E4 - What is Node.js and when might you use it (Danielle Adams)

S15:E3 - How to build an app from idea to maintenance (Kyle Lee)

S15:E2 - How to code without typing (Matt Wiethoff, Tommy MacWilliam)

S15:E1 - What are the skills you need to go from developer to entrepreneur (Ben Halpern)

S14:E9 - How to build tech for social justice (Alex Qin)

S14:E8 - What is .NET and why is it useful (Maria Nagagga)

S14:E7 - How to stay motivated and get your first job ( Danny Thompson)

S14:E6 - What is Typescript and when should you use it (Dan Vanderkam)

S14:E5 - What are the benefits of learning to code when you’re older (Allison Sheridan)

S14:E4 - How to use code to build cross-cultural understanding (Laura Gutierrez-Funderburk)

S14:E3 - Introducing DevNews (Joseph Cox)

S14:E2 - How to get into spatial computing (April Speight)

S14:E1 - How to go from convict to coder (Rick Wolter)

S13:E8 - How to get into data science and machine learning (Jay Feng)

S13:E7 - What it’s like to build React (Sophie Alpert)

S13:E6 - How to think about accessibility and empowerment (Sareh Heidari)

S13:E5 - Why you should consider learning Ruby ( Jay McGavren)

S13:E4 - Why you shouldn’t forget about CSS (Hui Jing Chen)

S13:E3 - What’s the deal with auth (Sam Julien)

S13:E2 - How newbies can contribute to open source (Janessa Tran)

S13:E1 - How live coding can level up your development (Jesse Weigel)

S12:E9 - Introducing DevDiscuss (Penelope Phippen, Ben Halpern, Jess Lee)

S12:E8 - How to harness privilege to create equitable design (Aubrey Blanche)

S12:E7 - What it looks like to be a frontend developer for 20 years (Crysfel Villa)

S12:E6 - Why personal projects are so important (Ze Frank)

S12:E5 - How to not get bogged down in technical debt (Nina Zakharenko)

S12:E4 - How no-code tools can help your coding (David Hoang)

S12:E3 - How to hack legally and penetrate the security field (Karen Miller)

S12:E2 - What is COBOL and should you learn it (Pete Dashwood)

S12:E1 - What is vanilla JS and how can it help you (Chris Ferdinandi)

S11:E8 - How to not let imposter syndrome hold you back (Allen Whearry)

S11:E7 - Why site reliability is so important (Molly Struve)

S11:E6 - What are the pros and cons of working in civic tech (Aidan Feldman)

S11:E5 - Why defining your narrative arc is important to getting hired (Caitlin Cooke)

S11:E4 - How to get into game development (Jonathan Jennings)

S11:E3 - Why apprenticeships are important for equality, diversity, and inclusion (Ryan Carson)

S11:E2 - Why all developers should understand the basics of testing (Angie Jones)

S11:E1 - Why ethics and contributor behavior matters in open source (Coraline Ada Ehmke)

S10:E8 - What you should look for in online coding courses (Colt Steele)

S10:E7 - Why you should learn to speak machine (John Maeda)

S10:E6 - How can we make the future of programming more inclusive? (Tim O'Reilly)

S10:E5 - How to be a good manager and a good employee (Lara Hogan)

S10:E4 - Building a personal brand early in your development career (Amy Chen)

S10:E3 - How do you prepare for bootcamp and break into tech? (Ruben Harris)

S10:E2 - What are the pros and cons of getting paid for open source (Katie Delfin)

S10:E1 - What does ageism in tech look like (Ariana Tobin)

S9:E8 - Why you should read the new edition of the Pragmatic Programmer (Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas)

S9:E7 - How do you create visual recognition software ethically and responsibly (Nashlie Sephus)

S9:E6 - What is Java good for and why is it still one of the most popular coding languages (Peggy Fisher)

S9:E5 - Why you should understand user interface and design (Mina Markham)

S9:E4 - What is workplace burnout and how can you stop it (Jeffrey Liebert)

S9:E3 - How do you develop yourself and your code while fighting off trolls (Ali Spittel)

S9:E2 - What is data journalism and how do you tell stories through your code (Sandeep Junnarkar)

S9:E1 - How do you go from hackathons to building a hurricane relief business (Nick Feuer)

S9:E0 - Season 9 trailer (Jeffrey Liebert, Ali Spittel, Mina Markham, Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas)

S8:E8 - What it's like to be in a computer science class (David Malan)

S8:E7 - How do you transform your career? (Kanika Tolver)

S8:E6 - How to make the workplace more inclusive (Nicole Sanchez)

S8:E5 - UX in healthcare (Danielle Smith)

S8:E4 - How to get hired (Kevin Lozandier)

S8:E3 - Coding without code (Joanna Smith)

S8:E2 - How to build a community (Michael Berhane)

S8:E1 - From police recruit to developer (Tim Heuer)

S7:E8 - How do you build a great product? (Ryan Hoover)

S7:E7 - When things go wrong at work (Jaime-Alexis Fowler)

S7:E6 - What are progressive web apps? (Frances Coronel)

S7:E5 - What does it mean to be offline-first? (Carmen Bourlon)

S7:E4 - What's a compiler? (Thorsten Ball)

S7:E3 - Can you do open source full-time? (Jessie Frazelle, Bryan Liles)

S7:E2 - How do I level up? (Ben Orenstein)

S7:E1 - Moms who code (Bekah Hawrot Weigel)

S6:E8 - What do you need to know about security? (Kyla Guru)

S6:E7 - From nanny to developer (Sudie Roweton)

S6:E6 - How do I learn design? (Laura Elizabeth)

S6:E5 - Should you start freelancing? (Devon Campbell)

S6:E4 - Why do I need to test my code? (Jonas Nicklas)

S6:E3 - What’s it like to code for NASA? (Jesslyn Tannady)

S6:E2 - From librarian to developer (Hayley Swimelar)

S6:E1 - How do you build a database? (Jeff Nelson)

S5:E8 - From musician to developer (Chad Fowler)

S5:E7 - What's an Indie Hacker? (Courtland Allen)

S5:E6 - How do you build a robot in JavaScript? (Rachel White)

S5:E5 - How to figure out what’s next in your coding career (Jarvis Johnson)

S5:E4 - Learning to code with technical books (Katel LeDû)

S5:E3 - From teacher to developer (Dan Piston)

S5:E2 - What is quality engineering? (Rocio Montes)

S5:E1 - What is open source hardware? (Suz Hinton)

S4:E8 - What’s it like to be the CTO of Microsoft? (Kevin Scott)

S4:E7 - How to teach when you’re not an expert (Angela Andrews)

S4:E6 - From glass blower to developer (Michael Pimentel)

S4:E5 - Are you ready for a hackathon? (Kathryn Hodge)

S4:E4 - What happens in a technical interview? (Parker Phinney)

S4:E3 - What’s it like to be a coding apprentice? (Kasey Oglesby , Chris Bay)

S4:E2 - What's a quiet developer? (Seán Hanson)

S4:E1 - How do you build an iOS app? (Amir Rajan)

S3:E8 - How to learn to code when you have no time and money (Colleen Schnettler)

S3:E7 - From tech blogger to Fog Creek CEO (Anil Dash)

S3:E6 - How does the internet work? (Julia Evans)

S3:E5 - Which javascript framework should you learn? (Sarah Drasner)

S3:E4 - What should developers know about online privacy? (Laura Kalbag)

S3:E3 - What is cryptocurrency? (Preethi Kasireddy)

S3:E2 - What's a container? (Kelsey Hightower)

S3:E1 - Should you get a computer science degree? (Dave Thomas, Ashley Fong)

S2:E8 - Getting started on open source when you don't know where to start (Richard Schneeman)

S2:E7 - How to get started in Augmented Reality (Molmol Kuo, Zach Lieberman)

S2:E6 - Who decides the future of CSS? (Jen Simmons)

S2:E5 - How to create an afro-futuristic virtual reality beauty salon (Carmen Aguilar y Wedge)

S2:E4 - What makes a good speaker? (Lara Hogan, Kelsey Hightower)

S2:E3 - How do tech companies read your resume? (Eddie Washington)

S2:E2 - How do browsers work? (Lin Clark)

S2:E1 - How she built a mobile app to help victims of domestic violence (Alicia Carr)

S1:E8 - What and why is web animation? (Rachel Nabors)

S1:E7 - Why is my website slow? (Lara Hogan)

S1:E6 - How to ace a technical interview (Tiffany Peon, La Vesha Parker)

S1:E5 - How to learn React and React Native on a deadline (Brent Vatne, Kim Goulbourne)

S1:E4 - The JavaScript First Responder (Wes Bos)

S1:E3 - How to teach yourself computer science (Vaidehi Joshi)

S1:E2 - Building community in a virtual world: Moderation tools in VR (Cameron Brown)

S1:E1 - Intro to Accessibility (Stephanie Slattery)

Ep. 146 - Codeland - Mentorship, Technical Blogging, and Open Source Talks from Katrina Owen, Quincy Larson, and Nell Shamrell-Harrington (Katrina Owen, Quincy Larson, Nell Shamrell-Harrington)

Ep. 145 - Codeland - NYPL and Khan Academy talks from Courteney Ervin and Celia La (Courteney Ervin, Celia La)

Ep. 144 - Codeland - Accessibility and Education talks from Sterling Walker and Maurice Rogers (Sterling Walker, Maurice Rogers)

Ep. 143 - Codeland - Community Talks from Valerie Woolard Srinivasan and Rapi Castillo (Valerie Woolard Srinivasan, Rapi Castillo)

Ep. 142 - Codeland - Mental Health talks from Michelle Morales and Greg Baugues (Michelle Morales, Greg Baugues)

Ep. 141 - Codeland - Interview with NYC's first CTO (Minerva Tantoco)

Ep. 140 - Codeland - Gaming and City Talks from Chris Algoo, Kate Rabinowitz, Eric Brelsford (Chris Algoo, Kate Rabinowitz, Eric Brelsford)

Ep. 139 - Codeland - Gaming Talks from Jessica Rudder and Opher Vishnia (Jessica Rudder, Opher Vishnia)

Ep. 138 - Codeland - Art and Code Talks from Stephanie Nemeth and Dan Shiffman (Dan Shiffman, Stephanie Nemeth)

Ep. 137 - Intro to Data Science (Briana Vecchione)

Ep. 136 - Welcome to WordPress (Ptah Dunbar)

Ep. 135 - The Michael Jordan of Tech Talks (Kim Crayton)

Ep. 134 - Getting Into Hardware (Elecia White)

Ep. 133 - Building Robot Vacuum Cleaners: An Intro to Embedded Systems (Chris Svec)

Ep. 132 - The Business of Open Source (Safia Abdalla)

Ep. 131 - Take My Money (Noel Rappin)

Ep. 130 - 30 Million Downloads (Jo Overline)

Ep. 129 - Getting My First Developer Job (Paola Mata)

Ep. 128 - Progressive Coders Network (Rapi Castillo)

Ep. 127 - Creating a Game for Vets (Evan Sanderson)

Ep. 126 - The Mechanic (Ray Acevedo)

Ep. 125 - Learning to Code in the 1960s (Mary L Gorden)

Ep. 124 - Open Source Newbie (Shubheksha Jalan )

Ep. 123 - Rails Girls Summer of Code (Laura Gaetano)

Ep. 122 - The Ethics of Coding (Bill Sourour)

Ep. 121 - TechHire (Tess Posner)

Ep. 120 - 100 Days of Code (Alexander Kallaway)

Ep. 119 - Indie iOS Developer (Ish Shabazz)

Ep. 118 - Truck Driver (George Moore)

Ep. 117 - Diversity in Tech - Part II (Ashe Dryden)

Ep. 116 - Diversity in Tech - Part I (Ashe Dryden)

Ep. 115 - Getting a Computer Science Degree (Terri Burns)

Ep. 114 - What's an Innovation Accountant? (Nick DePrey)

Ep. 113 - Hackathons (Leslie Hitchcock)

Ep. 112 - Comedy and Code - Part II (Baratunde Thurston)

Ep. 111 - Comedy and Code - Part I (Baratunde Thurston)

Ep. 110 - Coding in Uganda (Emily Karungi)

Ep. 108 - Tech Internships (Dara Oke)

Ep. 107 - Mom and Son Learn To Code (Lorraine Hutter, Bobby Hutter)

Ep. 106 - Open Sourcing Mental Health - Part II (Julia Nguyen)

Ep. 105 - Open Sourcing Mental Health - Part I (Julia Nguyen)

Ep. 104 - Scrum Master (Anjuan Simmons)

Ep. 103 - Algorithms (Carina C. Zona)

Ep. 102 - My Very First App (Aurelian Sennett)

Ep. 101 - Open Sourcerer of Django (Jacob Kaplan-Moss)

Ep. 100 - Creating CodeNewbie ()

Ep. 99 - Creating Lifehacker - Part II (Gina Trapani)

Ep. 98 - Creating Lifehacker - Part I (Gina Trapani)

Ep. 97 - From Theater Technician to Programmer (Ashley Lewis)

Ep. 96 - Developing Your Tech Talk Idea (Nickolas Means)

Ep. 95 - Is The Website Down? (Stella Cotton)

Ep. 94 - UX Design and Gaming (Lil Chen)

Ep. 93 - Storytelling with Code (Michael Rau)

Ep. 92 - Afghan Women Coding (Fereshteh Forough )

Ep. 91 - Creating EmberJS - Part II (Yehuda Katz)

Ep. 90 - Creating EmberJS - Part I (Yehuda Katz)

Ep. 89 - Mobile Developer (Kaya Thomas)

Ep. 88 - CodeNewbie Apprentice (Sharon Siegel)

Ep. 87 - Vets Who Code (Jerome Hardaway)

Ep. 86 - Intro to Databases (Mark Nadal)

Ep. 85 - Technical Writing (Chris Mills)

Ep. 84 - From Research To Code (Anna Lee)

Ep. 83 - How To Get A Coding Job (Charles Max Wood)

Ep. 82 - What Is Code? (Paul Ford)

Ep. 81 - Social Justice Warrior (Coraline Ada Ehmke)

Ep. 80 - Designing Makerspaces (Kristen Smith)

Ep. 79 - Make Magazine (Mike Senese)

Ep. 78 - Hardware Newbie (Emily Xie)

Ep. 77 - Technically Speaking (Chiu-Ki Chan)

Ep. 76 - Data Journalist (Matthew Mitchell)

Ep. 75 - Coding In Colombia (Juan Pablo Buriticá)

Ep. 74 - Startup Box (Majora Carter)

Ep. 73 - Coding Chef (Adrienne Lowe)

Ep. 72 - Security Newbie (Chris Palmer)

Ep. 71 - Internet For All (Danilo Campos)

Ep. 70 - From Servers to Security (Christina Morillo)

Ep. 69 - Manager Newbie (Selena Deckelmann)

Ep. 68 - Too Late To Be Awesome (Chanelle Henry)

Ep. 67 - Android Developer (Annyce Davis)

Ep. 66 - Laboratoria (Mariana Costa)

Ep. 65 - Art and Code (Dan Shiffman)

Ep. 64 - Write Speak Code (Rebecca Miller Webster)

Ep. 63 - Free Code Camp (Quincy Larson)

Ep. 62 - Hello Ruby (Linda Liukas)

Ep. 61 - Brianna and Brianna's Mother (Brianna Fugate)

Ep. 60 - Impostor Syndrome (Alicia Liu)

Ep. 59 - The GitHub Nomad (John Britton)

Ep. 58 - From Journalist to Developer (Amy Simmons)

Ep. 57 - Podcasting with Changelog (Adam Stacoviak, Jerod Santo)

Ep. 56 - From Temp to Head of Design (Julie Ann Horvath)

Ep. 55 - Open Source Contributor (Steve Klabnik)

Ep. 54 - The Hacker (Jonathan Barronville)

Ep. 53 - Peruvian Developer (Andrea Del Rio)

Ep. 52 - International Dev (Ayori Selassie)

Ep. 51 - The Pragmatic Programmer - Part II (Dave Thomas)

Ep. 50 - The Pragmatic Programmer Part I (Dave Thomas)

Ep. 49 - Getting The Job (Suzan Bond)

Ep. 48 - Freelance to Full-Time (Nicole Dominguez)

Ep. 47 - Design and Dev (Una Kravetz)

Ep. 46 - Self Taught Programmer (Courteney Ervin)

Ep. 45 - Design Director (Kristy Tillman)

Ep. 44 - CSS Tricks (Chris Coyier)

Ep. 43 - Code and Hip Hop (Earl Bey)

Ep. 42 - POODR And Beyond - Part II (Sandi Metz)

Ep. 41 - POODR And Beyond - Part I (Sandi Metz)

Ep. 40 - From Cars To Code (Angel Jose)

Ep. 39 - From Coding To Venture Capital (Andrew Chen)

Ep. 38 - Hacker Hours (Aidan Feldman)

Ep. 37 - From Skates To Code (Aimee Knight)

Ep. 36 - Creating jQuery (John Resig)

Ep. 35 - Stellar (David Mazières)

Ep. 34 - Newbie Story: LaToya Allen (LaToya Allen)

Ep. 33 - Detroit Water Project (Tiffani Bell)

Ep. 32 - Rockbot (Raquel Velez)

Ep. 31 - Girl Develop It (Corinne Warnshuis)

Ep. 30 - The Not-Bootcamp (Jeff Casimir)

Ep. 29 - A Children's Makerspace (Gokul Krishnan)

Ep. 28 - Coding Printers (Kate Donahue)

Ep. 27 - Intro to Raspberry Pi (Matt Richardson)

Ep. 26 - The Hardware Marketplace (Julia Grace)

Ep. 25 - From Software To Hardware (Sara Chipps)

Ep. 24 - Monsters And Code (Sarah Frisk)

Ep. 23 - Ask CodeNewbie (Scott Hanselman, Tiffany Peon)

Ep. 22 - Intro to UX (Catt Small)

Ep. 21 - Teaching Kids To Code (Rebecca Garcia)

Ep. 20 - Accessibility (Joseph McLarty)

Ep. 19 - The Hard Way (Zed A. Shaw)

Ep. 18 - Autotune, Inclusivity, and Getting A Job (Vanessa Hurst)

Ep. 17 - Getting Involved (Scott Hanselman)

Ep. 16 - Code Ghost (Jenn Schiffer)

Ep. 15 - Intro to DevOps (Christopher Webber)

Ep. 14 - On Testing (Noel Rappin)

Ep. 13 - The Not-So-Amateur Programmer (Lauren Orsini)

Ep. 12 - Mother Coders (Tina Lee)

Ep. 11 - 24 Pull Requests (Andrew Nesbitt)

Ep. 10 - Nitpicks and Devils (Katrina Owen)

Ep. 9 - How To Build A Product (Poornima Vijayashanker)

Ep. 8 - From Student Project to Big App (William Jeffries)

Ep. 7 - Meteor (Ciara Burkett)

Ep. 6 - Comics and Code (Rachel Nabors)

Ep. 5 - Speaking of Speaking (Marty Haught)

Ep. 4 - Wearing All The Hats (Kinsey Ann Durham)